Got my first LV but...

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  1. Just to make the story short, a fd of mine went to Paris last month and I asked her to get me a Azur Damier Speedy 30. But she got me the monogram speedy 30, instead of the Damier Azur. I'm not sure what to do now... Can I return it or exchange it at the LV boutique here? I don't wanna sell it on ebay, coz monograms are usually sold only around $400-500. What should I do??? Keep it? I don't wanna buy another speedy 30 though...:sad:
  2. if you have the receipts you could do an exchange, however, depending on the currency exchange you may have to pay extra for it.

    call 866 and find out if an exchange on a purchase from another country is doable.
  3. You should be able to exchange within 15 days of purchase if bag is unused and you have a receipt.
  4. You can return it to your local boutique at your local selling rate. For example, I bought a Keepall 50 from Paris and returned it in London (changed my mind because it was handheld!) and turns out because of the currency, it worked out in my favour. Mind you, it's store credit nonetheless.
  5. hope it works out for you ... you should be able to exchange it
  6. it's bought in feb. i guess i can't exchange it anymore...
  7. correct me if i'm wrong, but can't you do an exchange within 30 days? i thought the 14 day policy was for refunds.
  8. im sure you can do it my MIL has echanged like 8 wks later because she bought it over seas
  9. give all the options a try.. let us know the outcome..:flowers:
  10. I would try and return it.
  11. you can definitely exchange it - I bought a bag in Aruba and exchanged it in the States! GL!
  12. Can't hurt to try . . .!
  13. def. try...hopefully you can exchange. good luck :flowers:
  14. :yes:

    Even if it's been over 30 days, I would go to the store and see what they can do, given you haven't used the bag at all.
  15. Hope you'll get the bag you want...Good Luck! I'm sure LV will understand!
    Have a nice day