Got my first LV! But now I have some questions . . .

  1. Hi, everyone! I got my first LV in the mail yesterday (I ordered from 866-VUITTON). I got a Damier Speedy 30 - nothing too exciting, but I love it! It is so cute, but seems very durable also. We'll see if it makes me a convert from shoulder bags!

    I have some questions, though, for all of you experts:

    1. Is there anything special I should do for care/cleaning? I pretreat my Koobas and Botkiers with Wilson's, but is that necessary for the leather handles on the Speedy? It seems like a little bit more durable of a leather.

    2. There were some creases in the sides of the bag from how it was folded during shipping. Will those go away? I tried stuffing a bunch of T-shirts in the bag last night to help it get its shape back (it is amazing how much that bag holds, by the way!)

    Thanks for the help, everyone!
  2. hey congrats! my first LV was a Damier Speed it!

    You don't really have to treat the leather with anything...I'm 99% sure it's already treated. And the creases should go away with use...or you can continue to stuff it and that should speed up the process! good luck! congrats!
  3. Stuff it with a bunch of t-shirts for a few days and the creases will pop out. They will pop out over time though. I don't think you need to treat the damier with anything.
  4. Congratulations!!! It absolutely is exciting, so don't think that it's "just" a Speedy :biggrin: All LV pieces are fantastic! The creases will go away after a while, so keep on stuffing!
  5. Well, the only parts of the Damier Speedies that are leather are the handles, zipper pull, tabs, and piping. Whether or not you treat those parts is entirely up to you. The Damier canvas is coated canvas, so it does not need any kind of treatment.
  6. Congrats!! The speedy is such a classic.. definately a great first time bag!
  7. I use Apple conditioner on my Damier leather items as well and it helps by minimizing wrinkles in the leather and from any kind of cracking later on down the road. The folds will come out, it does take quite some time though. I find that when you use it, the weight of ones items inside hasten the process of the wrinkle elimination. You picked a GREAT first LV bag, you will love the speedy, guaranteed!
  8. selected a classic...enjoy it and use it in good health...
  9. Thanks for all the info everybody! I appreciate it.
  10. Hey hey hey... don't say it isn't anything too exciting. It's your first LV! Congratulations, girl!
  11. When your bag is stuffed with t-shirts, try putting it next to a window with a sunlight. It'll speed up the process a little.
  12. Well, it is exciting to me! :smile: Just not among the more exotic bags here!
  13. Let me ask you all another question - I have heard of people getting their initials heat stamped on the bag. How does this work? Do they put your initials on one of the leather tabs on the side? How much does it cost? Does it take a long time? I thought it might be kind of neat to do. It would hurt resale value, but I'm feeling like my Speedy is going to be with me for a long time!