Got my first LV bag happy


LV Newbie
Feb 28, 2010
Bay Area
I just had to share that I finally got my first LV bag today... the Trevi GM damier

My husband took me to get my first bag for our 13th anniversary (Note our 13th anniversary was 11/16, but it took a little longer than estimated.)

I went in wanting the Galliera pm in azure which is sooooo beautiful.

But I ended up getting the Trevi GM Damier. As I wanted both equally, I let my husband help me choose. He really liked the Trevi and thought it looked classy.

I can't stop staring at it and am so happy :smile: Now I know how it feels to get your first LV bag...

I still want my Galliera pm in azur...maybe in the summer, if I can save enough.

Thanks everyone...this forum is awesome!