got my first l.v. !!!!!!

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  1. hi ladies i am somewhat new here, i am a die hard coach fan for the most part....until last week i ran across a l.v. bag at a great deal. i will post pics soon. its a monogram croissant gm. the datecode is GA0033 Im not very familiar with this brand so i have a few questions.....what does the datecode letters and numbers on my bag mean exactly? i had the bag authenticated here before i got it. also it didnt come with the dust bag so i called the boutique by me and asked if i would be able to get one. the s.a. said if i would bring it in so they could look it over they would find me one. so i said okay. got in the car as soon as i pulled it out of my holister shopping bag(lmao) the lady knew it was real. sweet! an extra sigh of relief. she said they do it just to ensure authenticity. well i got a new dust bag and a shopping bag. i wanted a box but i was afraid to ask. im very happy with the bag its very roomy inside i havent carried her yet but plan to tomorrow. the leather is all so nice and an even golden color. so can anybody help me find out some info on this bag when it was made origional price etc. i got it for $500 curious if i did okay or not. thanks!!!!:smile:
  2. hi again, looks like we keep 'bumping' into each other:smile: isn't it fun to be on these forums? i've been an lv fan for a few years now, and currently own 2 lv handbags that i absolutely adore. once an lv fan, always an lv fan. in fact, like you i was/am a
    Coach fan as well. since it is more affordable, i think many are coach fans, but once i discovered LV and it's quality and longevity, coach doesn't appeal to me as much anymore. i tire of my coach things very easily since their styles change all the time. i believe that LV is a much better investment as you will see. i just went to the coach oulet this week and brought home a purse i thought i'd use in the spring/summer since it is a light color, but i am pretty sure i want to return it. i decided i can just attach a spingy/summery scarf to my LV and have a lighter look to it. i'm rambling now, but just wanted to share this with you. congrats on your new 1st LV..may there be many more. i find that with LV, you only need to buy once in a while, and with all the coaches that i've bought over the years, i could have just saved for an LV instead.
    have a good evening.

    btw, i don't know about the 'deal' you got but LV runs much more than coach so sounds ok to me. browsing the coach website the other day, i was surprised how much some of the coach bags go for -- some were just as much as LV.
  3. lol hi! yes we do keep bummping into each other. yes coach is changing bags too much. i think we all like to have a good amount of time to think about a bag its uses price etc. by the time ya do with coach that bag usually is gone as in moved to the outlet and scooped up by others. l.v. keeps there styles around i like that. i have about 15 coaches and in all those only maybe 5 i wouldnt let go of at this point. they just bore me now lol. i am vert happy with my l.v. its in excellent condition. another thing i learned about l.v. that i love is the repairs. granted you pay at least they do it. coach just "pretends" lol. l.v. will make ya like a whole new bag of what you send in lol. i wish coach would!

  4. Welcome to the darkside--Kidding. I was a Coachie too, but I have sold them all for LV.
  5. lol!!! i feel i may end up doing so with some of my coaches half of mine i have yet to use.