Got my first HH - havana!

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  1. I have been on the search for the perfect black hobo for the longest time, and I found it in the havana!!! I never saw this bag IRL but I would look on this site and liked everyone's pictures and the description of it. I ordered it online from the sale and just got it yesterday. It is the perfect size for me and seems so comfortable and the leather is great!! Even before I opened the bag I could smell the quality of the leather!!
    It was hard to choose the black when there were so many other nice colors but I really needed the perfect black hobo!! Just wanted to share my excitement since no one else would understand haha!
    Oh I had a question- do you guys usually leave that gold HH plate on or do you take it off? Thanks!!
  2. Congrats!
    The Havana is the perfect HOBO in my opinion.
    And I leave the gold HH amulet on all my bags. (I like bag jewelry!:biggrin:)
  3. #3 Jul 4, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2009
    Yay, I love me some Havana. Did you get the Black Onyx or Black color? I would love to see pics either way. It's up to whether take off the HH or not. Personally I always keep it on, b/c its like a little charm and it gives my bag more bling. Not that anyone here knows what HH stands for. I still have not seen one on anyone w/ an HH bag in the 5yrs I've been a fan.
  4. The havana is an awesome everyday hobo. CONGRATS! and the best part is... it will never go out of style especially in black.
    I take off the HH amulets on all my bags. It's a personal preference. My dog seems to be attracted to the bling. I wouldn't want her to scratch the bag. She's a jumper.
  6. The old Black color has white stitching and Black Onyx is all black. I'm not sure if the color is deeper w/ the Black Onyx, but it sure looks like it on the website. I would be curious to see if it is a richer black.
  7. Congrats!! Black Onyx will be such a versatile hobo. I also leave the HH amulet on all my bags.
  8. here are pics

    Attached Files:

  9. On the website the black did look deeper ,almost like a patent so I was a little surprised when I opened the box and saw the bag.
    The only other black bag I have is a Linea Pelle Dylan and when I compare the two, the HH is a little darker shade of black.
  10. Hawt Mama! I think I need a Black Onyx bag now. Damn, I just got a black LP bag.

    I agree that the LP black is not as deep as thought it would be. It's sort of looks like a washed black. At least w/ the BCA bag.
  11. Congrats! I love the Havana. I have 3 and am considering buying a 4th as we speak. It's a great bag.
  12. Here is a comparison between my black Linea Pelle and the Havana. Not sure if you could really tell in the pics but i think the HH is a little deeper.

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  13. ^That's funny....from that pic, the LP looks darker to me.
  14. Ya, me too. But that's probably b/c HH's black leather has more of a sheen to it and the flash she used makes it appear brighter. If you look at where the flash didn't illuminate the bag it does seem a little deeper.
  15. Looks HH-HAWWWTTT on you!!