Got my first H scarf but I'm torn...please help!

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  1. So I went into the H boutique today, hoping to get a Noel scarf. They didn't have any but they did have the small version:

    I decided to buy the large, classic H scarf:
    in purple.
    But now I am undecided and having some regrets...

    I do love the big H scarf because the colour is gorgeous and I like how long it is.
    However I love how cute the Christmas scene is on the small one but I don't like how small it is. Plus it is a lot cheaper.
    I'm so torn and I don't know whether to exchange the purple one for the Christmas one.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I'd keep the big one, it is BEAUTIFUL and you can tie it in so many wonderful ways!
  3. The one you got is classic and such a gorgeous color! it's year round and is simple enough that it can be worn in so many ways. i love the christmas scarf but i do think it is seasonal and can only be worn at the holidays (though others could surely disagree, i just can't see how you can fold it to make it look less holiday like). so that i would want to invest less in. if you really want it i would get it in addition to this full size one or try and find it for less on ebay. if you don't love the small size though you might never wear it which would be a waste. you know?
  4. ^^ita!
  5. Yeah you guys are right...the big one is really versatile and can be worn a lot of ways...I am just in love with the Christmas theme on the other one...sigh...maybe I can buy it later on ebay or something.
  6. Gorgeous choice Glamazon.
  7. Vif argent is just fabulous and you can wear it more than the Noel scarf.
  8. ^^:yes:
  9. keep the one you got, beautiful scarf!
  10. Beautiful scarf, great choice! You can use it year round....
  11. VIF Argent Is Beautiful...:heart: That Colorway!!!!!!
  12. First of all, heart paliptations to see the words torn and scarf in the same sentence!!!

    Second of all, you made a beautiful choice. That purple is as lush and as wonderful as purple can be. Hermes really does not do a lot of purple, but when they do, it is amazing. You can do more with this size than the small pochette. It would be great with the horn scarf ring, too....

    The noel scarves do come up on ebay....I think there may be one now, in the full size.

    would love to see your vif argent in action, GH!
  13. ^Thanks Cobalt! I am really starting to warm up to it. The colour is so beautiful and rich, I'm wearing it with a grey flowy shirt and I think it looks good! I'll try to post up pics of it in action as soon as possible!
    I think I might wait and get the Noel scarf a bit later.

    Thanks everyone for their comments!
  14. oooh purple and grey pretty!
  15. The purple one all the way. Very classy.