Got my first Gucci!

  1. :heart:

    I am in Minnesota this weekend, and Nordstrom opened a Gucci shop inside. Well, I went in to see my Jolicoeur tote from the fall collection. Very nice, but I didn't get it. I got another bag instead. I dont know the exact name of it yet. I'm on my PDA I'm so excited. You guys have started my bad habit...... :heart:

    Wil be back with pictures!
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  3. That is fabulous..... would be GREAT to post pics of you wearing it X:yahoo:
  4. Pics Please!

  5. It's a Gucci Abbey medium hobo in tan and gunmetal.



  6. Very nice, congrats:tup:
  7. Congrats, i love that bag
  8. ow nice :okay:!!! congrats! I was thinking of getting that same bag :nuts: in gunmetal or guccissima black or brown leather! It looks like the bag is not that small as I thought? is it big enough for an everyday-bag?

  9. Yes, it is big enough. It's 10x12x1.5. It's perfect for me:yahoo:

    I like it because it's not big, nor is it small. The other one that I was about to buy was 1/2 the size. Just enough for one of my cell phones, PDA, wallet, and a piece of tissue. :lol:
  10. Very nice! It looks the perfect size. Looks great on you btw!
  11. Congratulations!! Love the gunmetal... perfect purse for everyday, or night out on the town. Good choice :tup:
  12. Congratulations!!! it's a beauty!
  13. Bag looks great!
  14. congrats!
  15. Congrats! Love the gun metal trim!