Got my first compliment today...funny experience...

  1. I have been carrying around my Neverfull for a month now, and I finally actually got complimented on it. I went into a jewelry store to buy some earrings, and one of the SAs said my bag was gorgeous! I was pretty happy about that. The other SAs also looked at my bag. One of them was saying she would never spend that much money on a purse. The one who originally complimented me said told them she spent $100 on the purse she brought to work that day and she also had gotten a Dior purse (which was more). The other SAs were shocked that she spent that much on a purse. It was quite funny. She then turned to me and said, "Well, we have much more in common, so I'll talk to you!" She helped me pick out a pair of earrings, and she was quite sweet! Overall, it was a pleasant shopping experience. It's nice to meet some fellow purse lovers around here. I wonder if she has ever been here? :graucho:
  2. Awww, that's cute! I love it when I run into strangers who like the same things as me.
  3. Cute! Though, I just hate it when people say that they would "never spend that much" on something that I'm wearing. It's just as rude IMO as saying you would "never spend that little" on something someone is wearing! It's like they want to make some sort of moral victory.

    Anyway, glad you had a Neverfull compliment though!!!
  4. that's a cute story! :smile: its always nice to meet another purse lover.
  5. That's a nice story.

  6. ^^^^

    I thought the same thing, too....
  7. That was cool! I love it when people recognize a classy bag! ;)
  8. i love it when i meet fellow handbag groupies. HAHA. glad you had a great shopping experience!
  9. ITA!
  10. i don't like it either when ppl say "i'd never spend that much on a purse"...
    i bet most of them would if they could! they are just jealous...

    but errr... i guess she doesn't get along well with her co-workers... at least now! hahaha... actually bad for her... she has to work everyday and has to get along with her co-workers... but she saw you once and maybe never again...
  11. It's nice isn't it to meet fellow purse-lovers!
    I sometimes see girls with pretty bags I really want to compliment, but most of the time I won't cause I'm afraid they will think I should mind my own business.. stupid thought,I know, cause I do think we girls could compliment each other more!
  12. Congrats! That's so awesome! :smile:
  13. I always feel so good when someone compliments me on one of my bags. I get it alot with my neo cabby and my damier alma. It is just nice to have people notice. As for the ones that would "never" spend that money on a bag, I am sure they have their own poisons. Congrats on the compliment, glad you had a great shopping experience.
  14. I love getting compliments and meeting other purse people! They can only truly understand our addiction!!
  15. Nice! I love it too when I get complements and you can tell when their eyes light up that they are purse fanatics too! It is an instant bond!