Got my first Coach scarf today!

  1. OK, slowly getting a few things picked out for the new job...I got this amazing new scarf in the slate it! I found a wonderful new Theory charcoal grey deep v'd sweater vest and this will be great with it!! :yahoo:

  2. Wonderful scarf. I would love to see the outfit put together.
  3. Wow, I like that scarf a lot! It's going to look great with your sweater vest! Nice buy! :yes:
  4. OK if you guys remind me I will post a pic...I'm actually getting the scarf shipped to me as the two in the boutique each had a very small flaw in the silk. Wow, my SA has sharp eyes!
  5. isn't it lovely. isn't it wonderful. I have that scarf in green
  6. Congratulations! Be careful, once you buy your first scarf it becomes easier and easier to do. Especially when they come in such pretty colors and designs. I have at least 13 now, and I don't even wear scarves. *L*
  7. Congrats and you've got great taste!!! Sounds like an awesome combo you have planned:tup: You'll never guess what my Black Ali is wearing;)
  8. It is so pretty -- congrats!
  9. Nice color you picked out.. your outfit sounds fab!
  10. Congrats! Love the color.
  11. WOW the gray scarf is beautiful! I can picture that with a bag in "clay". :tup:
  12. Pretty!
  13. Hmmm, let me guess :p. Sounds divine JB!
  14. Oh do you have that combo, c, or are you the clay pusher ;). Either way, right on!!!
  15. I WISH I had that combo...LOL...I'm a clay pusher at the moment. :graucho: