Got my first Coach compliment today

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  1. I usually volunteer with this lady on Saturdays, and today her daughter (who is around my age) was there and said that she liked my purse! :nuts:

    I was wearing my pink demi:

    So the daughter was telling her mom that its Coach, and then I showed her I had the matching wallet as well. I was saying how I liked my purse because it matches the cherry blossoms! :nuts: I also said that the tassel at the zipper reminds me of a flower bud!

    I also had my Coach Taurus charm hooked onto my purse, and the mother was looking at my charm, saying that shes a Taurus as well. :p

    Heres the charm on a different bag:
  2. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Yay for compliments! And the bag in your avatar is gorgeous too :yes:
  3. its always good to be complimented!! that is a pretty bag!
  4. I love getting compliments on my bags. It just makes me smile.

    That's cool that your got complimented. :supacool: Congrats!
  5. So much fun getting compliments on Coach bags!!
  6. Thanks, everyone!
  7. That's great :smile:
  8. Compliments are the best. :smile: Cute bag!
  9. Awww! Yay for you!

    I love how Coach can bring people together and/or spark up conversations! :p
  10. Yea!! :yahoo: It is a very cute set!! I like the pink signature with the Taurus charm, what a cute combination!
  11. Congrats on the compliments! Hey, if you are a Taurus that means you have a Birthday coming up soon too?
    Hooray! :smile:
  12. Such a nice story! I get complimented on the limited edition ones I own. I get the warm fuzzy feeling!
  13. Yeah! May 11th! ;)