Got my first chanel..Having mixed emotions though..

  1. Finally got my first chanel.. Its a pst with gold hardware. My hubby said that he doesn't want the chain at all.. :crybaby:I feel so sad.. I want to know your opinion on which hardware goes better with the black pst and why. Will post pics soon.
  2. aaawww i said a pst with gold harware is TDF!! i prefer black leather wiht gold hw, to me it's more classic where as the black with silver hw is more modern to me.

    my bf doesn't always like my bag, but i bought it with my own money and i'm teh one who'll carrying it. so i don't care what he said and he happen to be like that too :p
    he says i'm the one who carry it and his opinion shouldn't bother me
  3. I personally like black w/ gh as well. To me the blk/g combo is more appealing than blk/s combo. But it also depends on your skin tone and hair color.
    1) blonde hair => gold h/w
    2) brown or black hair/light skin => silver h/w
    3) brown or black hair/dark skin => gold h/w
  4. Eh, I don't think there are any hard and fast rules about skin/hair color and hardware choice... it's really a matter of preference (and the color of the bag itself is more important to me when choosing hardware)... I suppose I can wear both equally well haha (though most of my bags have silver h/w). :p

    dreidrea - If you personally love the gold h/w, then you should keep it! :flowers: :heart: I think gold h/w or silver h/w are both beautiful on a black PST... and I also think some men are clueless about what looks good hehe. :p
  5. I think both hardware colors look good on the black PST. I have a black flap with gold hardware and my husband likes the chain!
  6. Is it too much bling for him? He may not like silver h/w either.
  7. I like silver hardware no matter what, but of course this is a personal choice.

    Never listen to what a man says, just go with what YOU like.
  8. Honestly, why does it matter whether he likes it or not? I'll never understand that. You have to be happy with it and carry it and IMHO, that is what matters.
  9. gold! gold is very classic and silver is more chic and modern, IMO.
  10. I personally like silver hardware but it all depends on the color of the bag. A beige GST for instance will look better with gold hardware IMO. Black looks great with either gold or silver.

    Men are clueless when it comes to handbags. It shouldn't matter if he likes it or not. You're the one who should be happy with it :biggrin:
  11. Gold is so much classier :smile:
    Silver is more subtle though... are you more of a subtle person?
  12. I agree as long as you like it that is all that matters and I love the pst
  13. i love both hardware, cant go wrong with either one, and if i ever listened to what my bf liked then i wouldnt have most of the bags i have now!
  14. definitely the gold....just classier. You should really go with what YOU like and not what others like.
  15. That's why I go shopping w/o the DH!!! He doesn't know what the heck fashion is! lol

    To him, fashion is the "f" word.