Got my first Chanel bag today!

  1. I absolutely love it! I wanted something classic for my first Chanel piece, so I got the caviar medium flap. I know I am betraying my username, but it's so cute. The SA was absolutely wonderful and the whole experience was very very pleasant. It was actually a belated b-day gift from my mom and I have to say we were both quite swayed by the impending price increase and our wonderful SA! :yes:
    I have a feeling I'll be hanging out in this forum more often from now on! I now wish I hadn't made up my username the way it is, haha.
  2. Congrats...Welcome to the Chanel family!

    Great choice gettin the med flap bag as your 1st chanel piece, it's the most classic bag that can last for years.

    Don't forget to share pics!!
  3. Wow, congratulations on your first Chanel :yahoo: And welcome to the Chanel subforum :flowers:

    The medium flap is an excellent first choice and how great to hear that you had such a wonderful experience :tup:

    Enjoy your flap and don't forget to show us pics!
  4. Welcome to Chanel!:welcome::happydance:You did a great classic choice that will really last long!Don't worry about your user name -many fellow Fers have usernames from other brands too hehe:graucho:!Don't forget to post pics for us to drool on!:drool:
  5. congrats! congrats! cant wait to see pics.
  6. congrats on your 1st chanel!
  7. Congrats! You got yourself a true classic, enjoy.
  8. Ooooh! Congrats!!!!! That is on my list for sure!! Truly a classic!!! Enjoy!!
  9. congrats!!! post pic modelling it please :smile:
  10. Congrats!!! Yes, modeling pictures!!
  11. Congratulations! Please post pics if you can. And welcome to the Chanel forum. Just to warn you, once you buy one Chanel piece, it becomes an addiction.:biggrin:
  12. Congrats on your 1st Chanel! Great choice, I love my caviar medium flap :tup:
  13. congrats!
  14. congrats, of course like everyone eslse I want modelling pics!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS! You chose a wonderful bag for your first Chanel--and I'm sure it won't be your last! ;) What color is it?