got my first chanel and one question ladies..

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  1. i got my first chanel bag from holt renfrew today, and was so exsited!

    but i found one little "w" on double c logo, is this "w" suppose to be there or not??

    please help me, ladies.... thanx a lot!:crybaby:
    DSC05160.JPG DSC05172.JPG DSC05175.JPG DSC05177.JPG
  2. I believe that's normal. I've heard of their being that kind of mark on the flap CC closures. :yes: Congrats!
  3. I have that mark on mine.

    Congrats on a beautiful bag.
  4. Oh yes, the little stamp on the upper-left C is definitely NOT a defect! It's there on purpose! I forget why, but it sometimes helps with authenticating.

    Congratulations on the new addition! What a beauty! :heart:
  5. Yes the upper-left C is not a defect :yes: Congrats and Enjoy your fist chanel!
  6. It's beautiful! Congrats
  7. Congrats. It's beautiful.
  8. Congrats!:tup: is that the new caviar leather?it looks so beautiful!!!:yes:
  9. congrats!!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Why don't all have this mark?:confused1:

    Enjoy your new bag.:tup:
  12. it's a beauty! From what's been said the marking has something to do with gold plating but I've seen varying markings so can't say definitely what they stand for. ENJOY!
  13. thank you all ladies! oh yea, i love this babe so much, she is such a beauty!:yahoo:

    Purrrfect: yea, i got the same question, why some have that mark, some dont, anyone knows, please
  14. oooh i always get so excited seeing a brand new chanel bag still with all the paper and felt bits intact. :girlsigh: aaahhh i can almost smell that new leather smell too! enjoy your bag!!
  15. don't worry about the "w"--i have a few lambskin flaps that have this as well!