Got My First Birkin, Now How Do I Get My 2nd?????

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  1. Ok so a little over a month ago, I literally walken into the Hermes store in BH (Beverly Hills not Bal Harbor) and a SA was putting out a new cognac 35cm birkin, asked the SA who was helping me what was going on with that birkin- and to make a long story even longer- I ended up with the Cognac Birkin:yahoo: :yahoo: . Now fast forward to the present- I love my birkin:heart: , and since my first birkin purchase have returned to my SA 2 more times to purchase a Bearn wallet, a agenda, a couple of bracelets, and a wallet for my dad. The last time I was there i mentioned I wanted a black or red 35cm birkin, she winked and said dont worry. When I was leaving she took all of my information again and made me write on the card what I wanted and what size, ect. That was about a week ago. Does that really mean anything??? Does that mean she is going to let me know if she gets something in????? Or should I go back again to refresh her memory??? I was going to purchase a key wallet and I dint know if I should ge back to the stire ASAP to keep the momentum going r if I should wait a while.
    The SA was super nice, and during my first birkin visit, we had discussed the fact that they currently had no birkins and the supposed waitlist was closed but then i got the surprise of my life when the other SA was taking one out. :nuts: .
    The SA WAS also really supportive when this extremely rude older woman came in and demanded to know if I was taking the birkin and then had the nerve to question my age-me being 25 she stated I was too young for a birkin :cursing: and she had been coming in for the last 3 weeks and she should get the bag- But that only made the purchase a tad bit sweeter for me.

    So Ladies!!!! Being the pros that you all are should I go back ???? should I wait???? what should my next move be????
  2. All signs are good! My SA does the same thing... Next time you are shopping you could ask your SA if the card puts you on the list for bags that arrive for the store or if it puts you on the list for orders placed at the next podium. In my store, it seems to go both ways... My SA indicated that an order would be placed at the next podium and my request would be included...she also keeps my request in mind when bags arrive for store inventory... I do not receive many phone calls...but...I have been offered bags when I randomly stop by the store...ahhh...timing...
  3. Thanks SoCAL-
    Since I live so close to the BH store - I will do a few random pop-ups myself- I wanted to get a few Christmas gifts so maybe just maybe I will get lucky again ( I stress the word Hopefully LOL)
  4. Good luck! I am waiting for BII as well...what has been most difficult is turning down a color that was not on my thinking it might have been a great summer bag...but determined to stick to the list...unless...
  5. I called Chicago yesterday and Caroline said that there is no longer a list.
    I must decide on a color/leather/hw and then when the bag comes in it is automatically charged on my account. What if I find the same bag somewhere else? Is this rule just for me?
  6. Not sure...sounds like Chicago may be "cracking down" on order...inspection...refusal... May also vary by regular vs. special order???
  7. I was told by an SA that I speak with that she really wants me to call her often. She says that it keeps me in "her" mind and then it refreshes what I am interested in. She even told me to drop her a little note from time to time to say hello and mention what I am waiting for.
  8. They are, after all, human and can forget just like the rest of us. Also, a long absence from the store may come across as disinterest.
  9. Ok So i AM Definetly going to pop into the store this week for a friendly hello (and reminnder lol) Thanks ladies!!!
  10. "Got my First Birkin, No How Do I Get My Second"


    1. Pick an inconspicuous area outside and preferably across the road of the store

    2. Crouch in the runners starting position whilst maintaining an air of casualness about you - maybe pretend to tie your shoe. You might be there for a while. In this case do some of that chalk "street art"

    3. Wait until someone leaves the store with a large orange bag

    4. Run swiftly, but silently up behind them. Downwind is always good

    5. A quick, sharp jab to the kidneys should force them to drop the booty. The Vulcan "Death Grip" is also recommended

    6. Grab said booty and run. RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!

    7. Open box....if no gorgeous red Birkin then repeat steps 1 - 6 until desired result.
  11. Oh yeah....

    8. Once desired Birkin has been acquired, post pics here for us to oogle and drool over!
  12. ^^^^Cal, you're really starting to scare me.:shocked:

  13. OMG- I LITERALLY FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR READING YOUR QUOTE- :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    You are hillarious and what is so sad in the begining of your quote I was actually taking mental notes thinking this was actually a way to get me next birkin- That being said where is exactly should I stand??? I just bought a new pair of nike running shoes and I think this will be the perfect event to break them in LOL
  14. These ladies know best... I am learning too! Let us know if you get the Birkin!
  15. Cal- ROFL :roflmfao: You REALLY have the Hermes ITCH (nearly just craaacyyy!)