Got my first BBay~ already in love~~~~~~

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  1. here she is, along with her

  2. i bought them off of with a pretty good deal.

    so happy~~~~~~~
  3. absolutely beautiful!! Is that a greige city? or is it white...? In any case, the leather looks great! Enjoy!!!
  4. Congrats.:yahoo: I love White Bbags and you have two gorgeous ones there.:tup:
  5. they both ivorie :smile:
  6. time to get a little rest from louis vuitton brown~~
  7. Congrats! Both the bag and wallet are lovely! Enjoy!
  8. oh ivory! For some reason the colors hard to tell on my computer, but I loooove ivory- I think it's gorgeous and lvoe the way the hardware pops against it. I've toyed w/the idea of ivory myself!
  9. congrats on your bag and your wallet! love your little charm. enjoy them!
  10. congrats, i bought my white part-time from Diabro too.
  11. So beautiful. Congragulations.
  12. Congrats!!
  13. congrats!!
  14. congrats on your first bbag and wallet!
  15. love the matching wallet and bag!