got my first bbag..she's beautiful but too small!

  1. i am sooo sad...i got my first bbag today...2006 rouge vif city gently used (at least it seems gently used) and she is sooooo beautiful and soft i love her but she is too small! i most definitely need the WORK size.. i'm so sad!! =(

  2. awwww the bag is absolutely gorgeous though!!! Sorry your first was a let down. :crybaby:
  3. so sorry to hear you feel that way. she looks gorgeous though and the leather is smooshy :smile:
  4. She is beautiful! Why do you say she is too small? I find the city size perfect as i am a notorious over stuffer but the work is too big for me..what do you carry in your bags usually if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Great bag, sorry the size isn't working out for you.
  6. Ack, but that bag is gorgeous!!! :love:
    Sorry to hear that your first BBag is a disappointing one..
  7. i don't know! well, i use my bag to carry my stuff as well as diapers and wipes, etc..hahaha and so as soon as i opened it i knew it was too small..i put it on my shoulder and yes, it is just too small all around =( i would love to kep her but i'm afraid i might not ever use it and then i can't afford to just sit on bags i can't use..oh i wish i could magically change her to a bigger size hahahah
  8. She looks great. Sorry it won't work. I hope you can get your mone back.
  9. Oh ok! That makes sense then..i think lotsa BBAG mommas use weekenders as baby bags...i'm sure some can pipe up here...=) are you gonna keep your city though? It's my favourite red!
  10. When I sold my work and got a city... the second I received the city.. I regret the sell... I really want the work back.. and is looking forward to the turq-blue that is coming out in March!!
  11. So many gorgeous RED Bbags around. Yours is too. I am sorry the size is not working for you.
  12. Dont stress, I'm sure you can get your money back by re-selling.

    I'd suggest the Work or even a Weekender!
  13. I was exactly like you. My first BBag was a Dolma First. I was shocked how small it was when I received it. I sold it and got a City instead.
  14. I sorta had the same thing happen - my first BBag was a City and it's a bit smaller than some of my bags, but I loved it and I do carry smaller bags when I'm not working so I'm definately keeping it!! Of course, I just bought a larger one today so I can haul my laptop around to meetings - can't wait for it to arrive - I got a Hook Duffle in Ink coming!! But that color is gorgeous - it's my favorite red of them all.
  15. I am so sorry to hear that!!

    Hopefully you can parlay this into a Work :yes: