got my first bbag-- sapin city

  1. hi!!! i got my first bbag in sapin city and i love it!!! :yahoo: it was an impulse buy, wasnt planning to buy bbag coz i cant afford it but what the heck! told my husband its gonna be my one and only, but i love my bbag so much ive started planning my next one :nuts:

    heres a pix of my sapin city!
    bags 002.jpg
  2. Congrats and good for you.:yahoo:
  3. aww congrats !
    i cant wait to get my first one
    your so lucky
  4. Congrats on crossing over to the dark side!! ;)

    Love ya Sapin!
  5. Congrats! Enjoy it!
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. You will love it! :yahoo: I have a sapin work, and out of all my bags, the leather on that bag is the best!! Enjoy!!
  8. thank you!!! the leather is really soft and gorgeous! :yahoo: you cant see it very well on the picture... ill try to get a better shot next time!

    ive been looking at your posts re: next season's colors... too bad they dont have pinks or lilacs! cant wait to get my hands on a brighter colored bbag :nuts:
  9. Congrats! I love that color. Very high on my covet list! What a lovely first bbag.
  10. tamy, congrats!!!
    girl, i think you just lied to your DH... you know you wanted more, and it's kinda hard to only have 1 balenciaga, because when you had 1, then you're always craving for more :P
  11. I love that color - perfect for Fall/ Winter! Congrats - great choice!
  12. Congrats, tamy! :yahoo: I think your picture is great! You can see how soft the leather is! :love: :heart:
  13. Congrats Tammy...gorgeous bag!
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    One and only Bbag?! LOL!

    Seriously though, congrats on your new beeyoootiful bag! She's so gorgeous! Enjoy!!!

  15. Congrats :yahoo: ...1 + 1 = 1 + 1 = 1 + 1 = 1....:P
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