Got my first B-bag! Finally!

  1. I finally got my first Balenciaga bag :yahoo:after lusting after them for many years:crybaby: It's a F/W black city and I love love love it!!!! Thanks to everyone for helping me get one with the leather I really wanted - it's so beautiful! I ordered it over the phone from Nordstoms AF and the SA helped me get the one I wanted (not too veiny). Now I'm already plotting getting :graucho:my next one! They are so addicting! I love how it feels, the size/roominess and how it looks great with everything. Or maybe I should say it makes everything look great!:love:
    Here's some pics...
    bag2.jpg bag1.jpg
  2. Congrats! And here's to many many more!!!
  3. Congrats!:nuts:
  4. :heart: ur black city!! congrats on your new bag!
  5. Your black City is gorgeous...beware, they are very addictive! :smile: Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Congratulations! You're so lucky! I :heart: your black city. Hopefully that's my next bag :love:
  7. [​IMG]
    Black cities are the best - you will love that bag!!!!
  8. congrats! love the leather on this one.
  9. :yahoo:Congrats :yahoo: loves it. It is addicting. i still cant decide which one to buy next!
  10. Yay congratulations and welcome to tPF!!! xx
  11. Congrats! The leather looks gorgeous!
  12. congrats on your first Bbag!!! :yahoo:
  13. great choice for your first bag! I started with a black First and kept wishing I had bought the City. You will use it forever - so stylish and classic!
  14. Its lovely, congratulations.
  15. congrats! it's gorgeous :tup: