Got my first accessory pouch! Review of the sunshine leather w/ pic!

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  1. Ladies...a couple of months ago in the height of my buying frenzy (hubby said I was single handedly boasting the economy!) I ordered my first pouch. Sorry but I can't remember the name!

    When I opened it yesterday I was pleasantly surprised at the size. In my head it was going to be smaller but this is absolutely perfect. I had a small LV case I was using in my bag but it was a bit tight. This size is perfect. Actually fairly large.

    I also thought the sunshine would make it easy to grab in my bag. Now I already have a yellow mini Nikki which is the most beautiful shade of yellow. The sunshine has a more pebbled look....think cloudy grey. One side is perfectly smooth (the back) while the front has a very bumpy veiny quality to it. Rebecca Minkoff is stamped in gold on the front. Inside is the blue stripe. Blue stripe is not my very favorite but it is pretty cute w/ the yellow.

    Okay there is my review of sunshine leather!!!

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  2. I like it! How cute!! I love the bumpy texture of it!
  3. Cute! I love it!
  4. Oh, she looks like quite a large pouch, I'm thinking its the Erin which is the biggest of the three (Kerry being middle and Cory the baby minkette). I'm loving the texture of the sunshine, looks like she'll become very smooshy and soft!! So cute!