Got my feelings hurt...

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  1. :crybaby: Am I being too sensitive?

    I purchased a very hard to find item and now sold out from 1-888-number...paid tax. It came in and I decided that I didn't really love it but knew lots of people wanted it. So I listed it on eBay. I DID NOT PURCHASE IT WITH THE INTENTION OF SELLING IT. I did buy-it-now for just enough to pay what I paid (including the shipping and taxes) and estimated my eBay and PayPal fees $5-$6. So, that added about $19 to the MSRP of $58. And, my shipping is a meager $2.99 when other people with the same item are charging up to $8.50.

    I just looked on the eBay finds thread and someone had posted my auction...noted the price tag read $58, and twice asked "what WAS the retail on this." I am just trying to get my money back.

    Am I being too sensitive? I guess I just want everyone to like me!
  2. No you are not being sensitive. People can be really mean at times and not think. You have every single right to get

    Now if you were charging $100 dollars more that would be different but I see no problem in asking the same as what you paid plus shipping and fees.
  3. Why not try to get your money back? Anyone who is ripping on you for that is too sensitive, not you.
  4. You are not only trying to make your money back, but that is what the coin purse is going for right now on ebay!! If they don't want to pay it, they don't have to, but they're not going to find it cheaper. You can set your price at whatever you want. Someone just sold that grapefruit coin purse for an astronomical price - good for them!! You go with your ebay self!
    Don't worry about it.
  5. life is so didn't do anything did what you wanted to do for yourself and unfortunately sometimes others do things in response that make us feel badly...don't let it!
  6. I completely agree with everything kidlearner said 100%. :yes:

    You have every right to sell your item for any price you choose. And I've seen those coin purses go for a lot higher price than you're selling, too. You shouldn't feel bad for just wanting your money back. ;)
  7. I thought that was the purpose of Ebay to sell and get the "best" price you can get. I didn't think it was to just sell to be selling. Someone will buy it and be very happy with it!
  8. I suppose I just don't want to be looked upon as being greedy! Thanks for the encouraging words.
  9. You are not being greedy at all. A lot of times people just don't realize the expenses incurred by sellers, and it all adds up. Besides, eBay is all about finding that special something--sometimes people are willing to pay top dollar for a super hard-to-find item, and that's just fine too.

    You've got a clear conscience and know what your intentions were--the rest is just details. Don't worry!
  10. I don't think she meant anything by it. The first time she posted it, the link didn't work. The 2nd time, she posted the working link and asked the question again.

    I couldn't even remember what the retail price of those were. I thought they were more expensive than $58. Maybe she did too. It never crossed my mind that you were being greedy, I thought it was underpriced compared to others on

  11. OH>>>> Coach Bag... I'm SOOO SORRYY!!!!:sad:
    That was ME that asked that question... I IN NO WAY MEANT TO HURT YOU!! I'm just new to tpf.... and don't have any coach dealers here... kinda looking at that purse and didn't know what the actual cost was... It was just cuz I wanted the information. PLEEZZ DON"T take it personally! I'm just looking to know what things cost & deals are there.(& I"M nervous about e-bay with thos rotton scoundrals that are out there!!.... Thank goodness for tpfrs like you who can help authenticate and answer questions!
    :cry: PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!:cry:
  12. And just remember it was posted in "ebay finds/deals" so I would gather they thought it was a great find and/or good deal. :smile:
  13. AGAIN>.. I AM SO SORRY!! I CERTAINLY didn't mean anything by my question... just wondering retail cost so I could get an idea of what I might want to pay etc.. I hope everyone knows that there was no mean intention at all!!!!
    I feel sooo bad ... I TOOO WANT TO BE LIKED!!!
  14. Awwwwww, you're sweet Jbug! See, we're all friends here. It's so hard in "type" to get the feeling of words.
    And just for the record:
    I like y'all!
  15. I think she just wanted to see how expensive it was-- I thought $58 was a BARGAIN for that, for some reason I thought it retailed for more than that!

    No matter what the case, on EBay you get the most money you can outta what you have to sell. That's the name of the game, and nobody can rip you for it! If someone wants to pay what you want for an item, it's all fair game! :heart: