Got my feelings hurt today. = (

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  1. I'll begin with my premise. I'm probably in the lower middle class income wise, so everything nice I get I take very good care of. Sometimes , I ask my assistant director for some financial advice to see where I can cut corners and squeeze every penny there is. She's normally very nice and knowledgeable and great with finances.

    Flash forward, after paying off debts and being responsible with my income tax money, I purchased a Louis Vuitton. (The ellipse MM) I got it new for a great price and was proud of that.

    Meanwhile my bills are always paid, my family is fed and happy and get pretty much whatever they want or need within reason. I had a little extra money set aside and got one last LV purse (my mini sarria)

    I wore this purse today and my assistant director says to me ... "Is that a new purse?" I replied, "yes, but I didn't pay full price if that's what you mean.."

    She says, "what brand is it?"
    Me: Louis Vuitton
    She says, " I can't believe a person in your financial situation would waste their money on something like that. I guess you really don't have all of your priorities in order. I can't even look at you right now.....

    She went on and on and basically said a purse is nothing but something you put your crap in...

    I don't know. I just felt hurt by her saying all this, and she did it in front of my director, who didn't say anything but, "I don't have a purse fetish.. " ( they carry Michael kors)

    It made me feel like because I'm not in the same league and tax bracket that they are, I'm not entitled to a few indulgences. :sad:. None of my purchases came out of our family bank account. No bills or needs went unmet. I dunno. Just made me felt bad and wanted to talk to people that understand me. Thanks for listening. :sad:
  2. People can be mean. I still say everyone spends their money on something! And if you're good, paid everything off- then I think it's none of their business. Not everyone will approve. What matters is what makes YOU happy.
  3. I don't make big money either and everything I buy I save up for and take very good care of as well. Honestly most of the time when people have something bad to say, they are just jealous. I used to let people affect me when they said things about me. Not anymore. I heard this quote and I live by it now. "If you're trying to bring me down you're already below me." In one ear out the other. Enjoy your bag!
  4. Ya. I don't spend money on anything else. I don't spend $150 on hair every month like they do. I don't do my nails all the time. I felt it was very unnecessary.

    I agree everyone has their vice. These two Louis Vuittons are the only ones I own and the only really nice things I have. I don't go buy designer jeans or clothes or anything like that. It's not a habit I make all the time. I just felt judged and harshed for no reason.

  5. I've never heard that before. Thank you.
  6. Sorry this happened to you OP. Sometimes people are actually jealous of something you have. It could be so many things you would not even know. Just be proud of the bags you have :smile:
  7. My coworkers are just not "purse" people. They just don't get it I guess. Will try to carry my bags confidently, just kind of bitter after being chewed out like that.
  8. Im sorry, that was mean and uncalled for. Esp in front of your boss. I think it would be best to not discuss finances with her anymore, she seems to feel that ALL of your finances are her business now.
  9. I feel your pain. People can be so mean spirited at times. I love my LV and I have made the mistake of talking about them at work to my co workers. I work 16 hour shifts with the same 3 other people every weekend it becomes hard to not tell your "business" to them. They are so mean about it. We all make the same good money and I have come to the point that I won't take my bags to work because I just can't deal with the comments. I choose to indulge in these bags and like you, I don't get my nails or hair done so this is my splurge. I am so sorry that this happened to you..I would be hurt as well. It's sad that as women we can't be happy and more supportive of one another.....but that's why we have our good TPF friends who always understand!!

  10. Yes, I'm going to keep my distance for a while, which is unfortunate because we really have/had a good friendship. All my directors are motherly in some ways. I guess it's my fault for feeling close to them and then something like this is done.

  11. Thank you rainy
  12. I know exactly how you feel. I'm pretty much in the same situation and I always get the side eye or looks of disapproval from people I know. LV truly is my only indulgence/hobby. They just don't get it. But, then again, I don't get it when those same people who judge me spend their money on cigarettes, alcohol, manicures, hair visits every month or random disposable knick-knacks either. To each their own. Don't let it get you down *HUGS*
  13. Op I am so sorry that happeened to you I have come to the conclusion that adults can be just as much bullies as little kids they have no right to tell you or lecture you abt how to spend you're hard earned cash I am so sorry you have to go through that

  14. Yes. I know. I wanted to say something like that but just chose to be wise and not say anything at all. I don't judge anyone at my work or tell them how to live their lives. It's none of my business. I guess it's partially my fault for letting her "in" so to speak.

    I'm glad I have tpf to talk to people who can relate to me in this way.
  15. I get judged all the time. Not just for my handbag collection but for things I buy for my only child. I have a degenerative neurological condition that will eventually put me in a wheelchair so I'm all about spoiling myself & child. I don't have any debt but my house, never had a credit card in my life and have saved a considerable amount of money. Yet people think they know what's best for me and my family. We live in a world that judges and jealous people. I just say "Well, when I ask you for money to feed my family and pay my bills then you have a right to tell me what you think!!!!"