Got my Fedex Customs bill from my LVR purchase today...

  1. and my bill was $77.28 for 3 Boobies! Are you KIDDING me? I knew I would get a bill for customs/duty fees, but gees! I'm glad I didn't order any bags! about you girls?..pretty sure that was my first and last purchase from LVR. yikes!:nuts:
  2. how much was your total if you dont mind me asking
    i always want to order a chloe from LVR but always afraid i will be killed by customs.
  3. I paid $280 plus $20 shipping for a turquoise planet recently ... so maybe you still got a good deal. ;)
  4. I dont remember the exact total, I was trying to get the order placed so fast for fear of my Boobies going to someone else! I'll check....I have ordered gazillions of times from" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter and other places overseas...mostly bags, and this is the first duty bill I have ever received. I have to read the paperwork they sent and see how they determine the fees. holey moley.
  5. I will try never again to buy out of the country b/c customs is outrageous!
  6. I got a bag from LVR recently that was about $550 and my customs bill was around $70. I thought I would have to pay it when the package arrived but FedEx sent a bill a week later. Your right, It'll probably be my last purchase from them. At least NAP includes it in their price so your not shocked by the additional charge.
  7. a turquoise planet! ~sigh~....fiatflux, you are probably right, I wanted these things so bad and I love them, so what the heck!...gotta find another way to buy my planets.
  8. okay... for some reason, i thought as long as it is below $800 you will not e charged customs.....
    so, whats the actual limit really.....
  9. I got a grey shoulder from LVR. The customs were $67. It really diminishes the bargain.
  10. I tried to research this cause I bought 2 bags from out of the country on ebay. I was not charged any duty because they were valued at $300 and $100. The US Customs website is really confusing; but it looked like that you pay duty on an item from a retailer. Really adds to the cost, doesn't it? The US stores just need to carry more inventory, especially the accessories!
  11. I have never bought a B bag from them but I have bought few paddingtons from them and I found them much less, even with customs than buying at retail price from any other boutiques or dept. stores.
    I am curious.. has anyone bought a B bag from them? if so, how much was the total including customs?
  12. FedEx and UPS are BRUTAL on customs.

    I didn't know and sent a pair of jeans to Canada using UPS and marked it as $119. The guy then messages and says he got charged $47!

    Otherwise it should be 9% for the US. I'm told that sometimes it's 5% on leather goods.
  13. I don't like FedEx for international shipments because they ALWAYS ding me on customs. I don't know what the % is but I remember the last time it was enough for a designer wallet (well I should say I could have purchased a designer wallet for the tax they imposed on me!). :crybaby:
  14. I bought two Purses from LVR and just got a bill from Fedex for $174. Does deflate the good deal, but still cheaper than retail for those Purses. But I don't see buying from LVR again unless I'm desperate or I hit their clearance.
  15. how much were the purses at LVR?