Got my "Dream" Bag

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  1. Well after a long wait I finally won my "dream" bag which was the medium turquoise ergo hobo. But when I received the bag I decided I am not in love with the color. So I will be selling yet another bag. So going up for sale this week will be ...... Please do not advertise your bags for sale, we keep getting reported posts ...........

    UPDATE: Only $1500 left in CC debt! Down from $6000 :yahoo: And starting to build up my collection but not too large :smile:
  2. Awww! Your poor ergos haha I hope they find a good home! Congrats on reducing your credit card debt, you're doing well and you have inspired me to be selling my bags that I don't use/aren't quite right for me! Thank you!
  3. wow your are knocking down that debt fast. great job! your hard work is paying off.
  4. well, first of all--super congrats on your CC debt! way to go! and secondly, I"m sorry your 'dream' bag didn't turn out to be a dream! I hope you find the perfect bag!

  5. You will find your dream bag eventually. You should get a good price for the turquoise hobo because I think that is HTF ! Congratulations on your CC debt getting down so quikly too !
  6. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Wow you did a great job reducing your debt! I just bought a turquoise leather mini skinny and I love it's color, I'm using it for the first time today.
  7. way to reduce the debt! And it's good that you decided to get rid of the bag... I've tried to "make it work" for bags that I'm not wild about, but it never ends up actually working out. I'm glad you picked up on it fast!
  8. Fantastic work reducing your debt! Its such a nice feeling not to have that hanging over your head anymore. And you've reminded me that I need to get off my butt and start listing bags I don't use again!
  9. I love the turquoise color, but that hobo has way too short of a drop length imo. :yes: Sorry it didn't work out, but the cc debt is going down, which is great.. congrats! :tup:
  10. AWWW. I'm sorry the bag didn't work out... But WOW!! WOOHOO on reducing the CC debt!!!!!!
  11. Aw, I'm sorry that you didn't like it! Congrats on eliminating so much debt though!
  12. Wow! Great job on getting rid of CC debt..I'm also in that process. :sad:.

    You're doing the right thing by selling it if it isn't right for you..!
  13. Ash, I'm so sorry to hear it didn't work for you. Given the great deal you got, you should have no trouble selling it.

    Also, congrats on decreasing your CC debt. Good job! :tup:
  14. Sorry that they dissapointed you. At least they are pretty popular, so you shouldn't have trouble selling them! I hope you find something that you like better
  15. This is bordering on offering to sell. You may not be doing this, but saying you don't love it and will be selling it does make people interested. Please be careful how you post k!