Got my dream bag today~(^3^)!!!

  1. :yahoo:BLACK GST with Silver Hardware:yahoo:!!!!She is so much prettier than I expected:heart:! I'm in heaven........................

    You may've noticed that the beige GST is missing,....she's just been adopted by my friend:heart:.
  2. Modeling pics>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. Its beautiful!! The black GST w/silver hw is my favorite!! And I LOVE your black bowler!! I want that one...but all I can find are patents! I love your collection! :drool:
  4. if you don't mind me asking, how much was it? i think i might be buying a chanel for a change!
  5. Did you return your beige GST? It's not in the family photo! The black/silver is a classic (I own it!) but the beige really suited you well.
  6. Congrats! She's lovely! I'm still dreaming about black GST.
  7. roey: I sold the beige to my friend. I know from the beginning i've wanted a black GST, but stocks in Australia are just ridiculous, we hardly get any black GST, not to mention ones with silver hardwares. Now I finally found my dream bag black gst, I figured I need to find a new home for the beige...:sweatdrop:
  8. Wow bblue! You're on the roll! Congrats with your new GST! I wish you kept your beige gst too, because the beige gst is gorgeous as well! :biggrin:
  9. Thank you~! I wish I could keep the beige too, but I'm broke, and the glack gst is supposed to be my last bag this year.....:crybaby:Need $$ for the dental implant.
  10. Poor girl you need dental implants.
    Congrats on the beautiful GST.
  11. well, i love all your chanels! i am missing your beige gst, though. but your black one is gorgeous. congrats!
  12. Love the bag/s...out of ALL you bags what is your favourite?

  13. You have an AMAZING collection. I love your taste.
  14. the gst looks great on you :yes: love your outfit bb10lue , but then i always love all your outfits lol :p

  15. great modeling pics! and congrats on getting your dream bag!!