Got my dream bag! 04 Black Twiggy w/ silver hardware!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Well the title says it all, but let me expound on it! Lovely fellow PFer fiatflux got this bag, but alas, the Twiggy was not for her : ( When she had bought this, I had emailed her and asked, that if she ever wanted to part with it, to please let me make an offer on the bag, which she was gracious enough to allow, and so the bag is mine! Fiatflux was amazing and sent the bag via UPS on Saturday and it was in my hot little hands yesterday! Thank you so much for your kindness : )

    I took her home and took some pre pics of her, then post pics. I cleaned her with Coach Leather Cleaner and I don't know if the colour on the cloths is 2 years of loving use by her previous owner, or dye transfer. The bag is not "un-black" in places, so if it was dye transfer, there is still plenty enough to keep it black. I then totally lotioned her with Apple Care, let her dry for an hour and then buffed and buffed and buffed! I also polished her hardware with a silver polishing cloth. I don't think the metal is silver as in the metal silver, 925 sterling. Does anyone know what the metal is? Nickel, pewter?

    I absolutely adore this bag, she just falls *flat* if nothing is in her, that is how smooshy and supple the leather is and soft, soft, soft. She has the silver hardware, which looks unbelievable with the black leather. At some point I was going to break down and get a black Twiggy with the brass hardware, even though I am not keen on the colour combo, I did want a black Balenciaga Twiggy (Twiggy is my girl!) Now I have one! She is the superfantastic, and I don't say that about all the bags.

    The lining is not in fabulous shape, she did have a rip above the inner pocket, but I darned it and it won't spread any farther. At some point, I may see if Balenciaga can replace the lining. It is worn thin and may rip in other places, if not, I will just darn the holes as they appear.

    I am fascinated by the tassels being knotted rather than the tension loop of the 05 and 06 bags that I have, and how the inner tassel is easily 3 inches long, as opposed to the newer bags having 1.5 inches or so, for the pull. The tassels are in excellent shape, no splitting at all.

    Photos 1 & 2 are pre and post cleaning and Apple Care routine front, 3 & 4 are pre and post back, 5 & 6 are the cloth : ) The really black marks in #5 are from the handles! 7 & 8 showing the gorgeous silver hardware (:heart: :heart: :heart: ) and 9 (I hope) shows how she just smoooshes : ) This pic is her filled with the daily "life-crap" I lug around!

    I can't express how happy, happy, happy I am to have this bag, she's just amazing! I hope it's not too many pics of her!

    Thank you again fiatflux!

    I wish you well,

    Black Twiggy 04 Pre Front.jpg Black Twiggy 04 Post Front.jpg Black Twiggy 04 Pre Back.jpg Black Twiggy 04 Post Back.jpg Black Twiggy 04 cloth.jpg Black Twiggy 04 cloth 02.jpg Black Twiggy 04 bale.jpg Black Twiggy 04 buckle.jpg Black Twiggy Smooshy.jpg
  2. Oh Congrats!!!:yahoo: She looks lovely!!!!
  3. You can never have too many pics of such a wonderful bag! Congratulations on your new 'baby'!
  4. OH MY!
    what a superfantabulisticextradeliciosa bag!!! :nuts:
    i love the twiggy, the black, the pewter hardware.... everything. this bag is PERFECT. congrats!! :yahoo:
  5. Congrats, Bridget!!! It's gorgeous! :heart: The leather looks sooo smooshy and thick!!!:love:
  6. OMGGGGGGGGGGG! That is gorgeous!
  7. congrats dear... i love '04 leather :yahoo:
  8. Congrats! It's divine!
  9. What a beautiful, smooshy bag, Congrats!!!
  10. wow, Bridget-girl, congratulations, from one twiggy lover to another :tender:
  11. I love it :tender:
  12. :yahoo: YAY!!!! Congrats!!! Nothing like scoring your dream bag!! Congrats!!:wlae:
  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!:love: Thanks for the pictures! That is how my caramel '03 is- it totally collaspes- the softest leather I ever touched! I want this bag in the city so bad!!!:heart:

    Enjoy Bridget!!!!:yahoo:
  14. :love: :love: :love:
    Congrats on your dream bag, Bridget! She is a beauty!! :heart:
  15. What a great happy ending for that Twiggy!!! Bridget you've done an amazing job with the cleaning... it looks sooooo smooshy! Love it. Thanks for the pictures!