Got my Dark Silver Reissue finally....

  1. My friend bought it from HK. Its such a beautiful color. I really love the bag. I need to ask those of you who have this bag about the leather. Its distressed metallic leather and the metallic is patchy, and not evenly coated throughout the leather? Meaning there are some parts thats more shiny? Hope thats the new its supposed to be..
  2. oh I cant comment on how it should be but congrats - cant wait to see the piccies!
  3. The pictures aren't coming up

    But, congrats! :smile:
  4. I love the dark silver congrats to you!
  5. omg how did she get it ? i called all over the places in asia and only Japan had one left (which they would not ship to USA!)
  6. Congrast!! I don't have this gorgeous dark silver, but yes the metallic is patchy like my metallic black reissue ...
  7. Thanks Ladies. I'll post pictures soon. I bought the Dark Silver without seeing it IRL. I'm so glad i did. The color is just amazing. It goes with everything. I love it! :yahoo:
  8. My friend managed to find 1 in HK. And yes you're right, they have 1 in Japan too. My friend saw it there as well.

  9. Congrats!! the dark silver really IS perfect. Its my fave bag of the moment.
  10. Mere congratulations aren't enough. You went the mile and then another and another for this bag. Talk about patience and perseverence. Enjoy it in good health always. Yipppeee, sometimes dreams do come true. . .
  11. Lucky girl! I envy you. I called almost nation wide trying to find a dark silve, and it turned out fruitless.

    Do you mind to let me know how much you paid in HK$? Is there any left in HK? I am thinking to have my friend get one for me. Tks!
  12. Metallic reissues are the best :heart: ---- congrats to you!!!
  13. Your friend really worked miracle!
    Yes, the metallic is patchy, not even. The shine varies when angles and lighting change, so versatile. Rest assured and enjoy it!
  14. Congrats...can't wait to see pics!
  15. please