Got my dark silver reissue - even though SA called wrong the person about it!

  1. I know I've been posting a lot lately trying to figure out which color/size reissue to get and where to get it. Last monday, I called a SA I've spoken to a number of times at chanel in soho but never bought from she said she'd see what she could find and then get back to me. i didnt hear back from her and just assumed she wasnt able to find it. finally on wednesday i decided to call her again even though i really didn't want to harass her, but then i realized she's off that day. i finally got through to her on thursday and she said 'oh i called you, i found it and i can't keep it on hold any longer'. :wtf::wtf:i told her i had gotten no such message but that i'd be right in to check it out. when i got there, we checked the number she had used for me, and it turns out she had called the wrong person - someone whose name sounds very much like mine (!), even though i had given her my # on monday. she was really apologetic, and when i asked if that person wanted the bag too, she said 'i don't care!' LOL. i can only imagine what would've happened if that other person had wanted the same exact bag! this is the kind of stuff that only happens to me!
    :nuts::nuts:anyway, i am thrilled with everything about the bag. it's so much more wearable than my grey reissue (which i get nervous about because the leather on that one is so susceptible to stains). anyway, just wanted to share that little anecdote with you all. i now will not feel badly calling SA's more than once ever again. :roflmfao:
    P1020118.JPG P1020133.JPG P1020117.JPG
  2. Congrats! It is absolutely beautiful. It was truly meant to be yours!
  3. Beautiful!!!

  4. congrats! gorgeous!
  5. It's GORGEOUS! -Good thing the "other you" DIDN'T want it... :yes:

    What size did you end up settling on? 227/226?? Either way, it's fabulous! I LOVE this color! -Congrats
  6. OMG I LOVE IT! I might have to put that on the list now. Too bad the list is neverending huh? haha Congrats!
  7. congrats! the sa's mistake was a sign that the bag was meant to be yours! enjoy your beautiful new bag!
  8. Congrats on a gorge bag!
  9. It's very beautiful. Congrats and wear it in good health.:upsidedown:
  10. I always believe that if it's meant to be..................and this bag is meant to be yours! I'm glad you called the SA again and brought this bag home. Love your whole modelling outfit!!! Congrats.
  11. thanks for all the sweet comments!! it's a 227.
  12. So good you called her back. Sometimes I feel like I harrass my SA's but honestly it's what you have to do to get the bags you really want.
  13. congrats and enjoy!
  14. I have no qualms whatsoever about calling SAs repeatedly to check on my bag's status, get tracking numbers, etc ;) Good thing your persistence paid off!!

    And your bag is a stunner - congrats! OMG the more I see these DS bags floating about the more I feel I must have one in my life...
  15. Ohhh, I'm so glad everything worked out! :nuts: :sweatdrop: I love the dark silver!!! :love: Even though I have the 07 dark silver with the bronzey undertone, I still want this one haha! :p Congrats and enjoy!! :yahoo: