Got My Dark Gold Reissue in 227!!

  1. Yes... My sister arrived last night!! :yahoo:And I got my Dark Gold Reissue in 227 last night!! :yahoo:It is soo gorgeous and even the interior is soo beautifully gorgeous!!! My cam was out of battery for today, so I still need to recharge it when I get home to take some pics and upload it tomorrow! :yahoo:And evychew was right!! The bronzey color of the Dark Gold Reissue makes it perfect to match with anything! :nuts:
  2. Congrats!!! Pic pic pic!!!

    I am drooling now...:drool:
  3. ^LOL chanelfans!! I'm still envying you from your Gold Reissue!! I still want one even though I already have the Dark Gold!! hehe!!
  4. Oh..thats great. Sounds gorgeous!!!!!:yahoo:

    Enjoy. Cant wait for pics...
  5. :drinks: Congrats! Can't wait for the pics, INCLUDING modeling pictures ;)
  6. Thanks tayls & wantingmore!!

    including the modeling?!?! LOL... I'm afraid of the modelling right now... I'M TOO BIG ALREADY!! lol!
  7. charge ur battery already!! can't wait to see the pics :drool:

    I'm waiting!! :popcorn:
  8. Rica...i can't wait for pictures!!!! I bet the bag is gorgeous, just like its owner!!! I am still anxiously awaiting mine... we can be reissue twins!!! :biggrin:

    :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:(sigh, I tried so hard to make them in unision!!!) lol
  9. To tell u the truth, if i have a choice, i love dark gold more than gold as it is less bright and good for every day use! we always envy the one we don't have! haa haa...:p
  10. Rica Rica, congrats congrats! Picture picture!!
  11. Thanks ladies!! Evychew!! We are indeed bag twins! LOL! Except mine is in 227 and yours is in 225, right?! Hehe! The color is soo gorgeous.. My mom is envy when my sis handed out the bag last night to me! She thought she gave it to me! haha.

    erm_chan, haha! You're soo funny, I will take the pictures tonight.. Too bad I left the charger at home.. :sad:
  12. wow. did you get that in HK? how much is it if i may ask?
  13. Woohoo Rica, I'm so happy for you!! :yahoo:I would love to see your pics, can't wait!
  14. Nope. From USA.. :smile:

    Thanks Nathalie! :biggrin:
  15. Congrats! You must be so excited! It's a gorgeous bag!