Got my damier speedy 30!

  1. I just got my bag today and it's absolutely gorgeous! BUT I think the 30 is too big on me more than I thought. I put my stuff into it too and I have so much extra space. :sad: So I did already order a 25 so I think I am going to return the 30. I did post a pic though for everyone to see.

    In addition to my damier speedy 25 order I added a mono speedy 25 and a orange perfo bandeau!!! Hehe I am just loving the speedy right now and I wanted to get the mono too before the price increase. :shame:

    Also, when I got my damier speedy 30 it was not folded flat but had cardboard inside and in a big box!!!

    My dustbag was the drawstring one though. Did anybody else get that? I thought it was the folded over one was the new dustbag?

    Also where is the datecode on the damier? I can't find mine:huh:
    damier speedy 30.JPG
  2. Congrats on your new bag, the date code is located behind the flap pocket..just lift it..
  3. Thanks for posting the pic of that GREAT SPEEDY. My Damier Speedy 25 should be arriving today. I hope it isn't folded. But hearing from others who ordered theirs thru eluxury they said it wasn't. So you are going to return it for the 25? The 30 is too big for me too. Too much space for me.
  4. Ok I found the datecode. Yeah, I am going to return the 30 I think and get the 25. I didn't realize my stuff would not take up the space of the 30
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrat! I love Speedy fever!
  7. :yes: Yay!! Another one that prefers the 25 over the 30. I have the mono 30 and love it but on the Damier I think it looks so cute in the 25. Both are great of course.

    Any chance elux has a free shipping code rt now?
  8. I love my Damier 30..perfect size for me..BUT I love big bags.I honestly dont think its big though!(SAD!) Mine came with a drawstring dustcover too.....
  9. I got my 30 damier saturday @1oopm FEDEX from elux and am looving it!
    I have alot of room but i just love big bags and also picked up the pocket agenda which is slim and great size for me.
    I wore it to church sunday and got race reviews. My 20 year daughter is begging for it but I just gave her my sonatine and that seemed to have worked!( FOR NOW)HAHA
  10. YAY!!! CONGRATS!!! Isn't she a beauty!!!:love:
  11. She's beautiful, Munchkyn! :heart:
  12. It's gorgeous! My birthday's in August and it's on my list!
  13. Lucky you! My 25 should be arriving tomorrow!

    Can you believe still no damier speedy at the Mpls. boutique?
  14. congratulations, its lovely!
  15. Congrats munchkyn She's lovely.