Got my Damier speedy 25 today!

  1. I ordered it from elux yesterday around noon and I just got it! It is soooo lovely! It had the cardboard insert in it and was not folded flat, so I have no creases, yay!!! No pics since I am at work right now, but I am so happy!
  2. Congrat's
  3. Yay!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Congrats!! Enjoy!!
  5. Just in time for the weekend! Congrats!
  6. Yay! Wow! Very fast shipping. Enjoy.
  7. Congrats! Post pics when you can!
  8. You got it today???!!! I ordered mine before noon yesterday and they said I should get it Monday. You are so lucky!! Post pics when you have some time.
  9. I paid $37 for shipping. *L* and I live in Kentucky, which is not far from Memphis where they are shipped from.

    I was so pleased that they did not ship it folded flat. I didn't like the creases in my mono speedy and worked hard getting them out. This one is perfect!
  10. yay, congrats
  11. I'm glad it didn't come folded up. My Mono Speedy was when I received it from Eluxury and I stuffed shirts so hopefully the creases will pan out some. Congrats again and post pics.
  12. By the way...does it say Made in France? or USA?
  13. Congrats... it must be exciting... :cool:
  14. It says Made in France.
  15. yay, congrats!