Got my Damier, I'm ready for SCOTLAND!!!

  1. So about 6 months ago I scored an SO Damier Cabas Piano off eBay...however, it was just too small for me and didn't work for what I wanted it for. So I got rid of that one and got...a Chelsea! As much as I loved this bag to death - super roomy and comfy - it was just a little too big for me and I found it a little difficult to manage. So on my next trip to the LV store, I tried on the Cabas Mezzo and fell in love with it! I was super close to buying it, but I was afraid to ruin the vachetta in the rain since I was going to study abroad in Scotland soon. So I held out and found an SO Damier Mezzo on eBay (and from a fellow tPFer!!!) I got it today and I LOVE IT! I can't wait to use it! And I got it just in time - I'm leaving for Scotland TOMORROW for the next 4 months! Here are some pics of my lovely, thanks for letting me share!
    mezzo 004.jpg mezzo 005.jpg untitled.JPG untitled2.JPG
  2. oh, so gorgeous!!! Congratz and enjoy your stay at Scotland! Btw, I saw this bag on eBay and I was so close in buying it too!! Glad you got it!!
  3. niiiice.. congrats and have a nice stay in scotland!!
  4. Congrats! Enjoy scotland!
  5. Oh me likey ... me want one too! Congrats ... and have fun in Scotland!
  6. It's beautiful! Have a great time in Scotland.
  7. Congrats! Looks perfect and have fun on your trip!
  8. OMG! Lucky girl! Have a great trip and be safe!!
  9. very nice! congrats
  10. Congrats, and best wishes :heart:
  11. Have fun with your study :smile:
  12. Congrats!!!! It's a pretty bag!
  13. love it!!!
    have a wonderful trip to Scotland!!!!
  14. have a great time in scotland! it's beautiful- and the people are really nice. so is the beer. :drinks: your new mezzo will be *PERFECT*! love it! have fun!
  15. lucky gal... enjoy and take some pics...:yes::p