Got my Cornflower City!

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  1. After a long session of dress-up/photographer with my 4 year old I have some time to sit down and post these!
    One of her favourite games is to choose an outift for me then photograph.
    I have a ton of old vintage (I sell) so I'm sort of like her own barbie doll.

    Anyhow, SHE paired my new bag with everything last night, at least 10 outifts. I thought these two pictures were interesting because you can really see how the green and white make the Cornflower "pop".

    I'm soooo happy with my new bag, I bought it off Mshashmount last week in the Marketplace!

    Here's the question for you ladies....
    Where do YOU attach your mirror? Did you add more tassles?
    Have you personalized your Balenciaga?

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  2. That is just beyond cute! And I must say your daughter takes a good photograph! How old is she? I love the bag! It looks great! And that green and white dress is to die for! Or in my case, to dieT for!

    Congrats on your new bag!
  3. She'll be 5 in May!
    Digital Cameras are a great way to teach kids about photography.
    At 3, with practice, I was able to teach her how to compose a frame.
    Kids have great eyes for little things (as most parents know) so I thought I'd empower her and let her document.
    she'd actually be really mad if she knew I posted the shot of the green dress because my head is cropped and it's out of focus, but hell... the bag looks hot.

    The dress will be for sale ;) haha And thanks for the compliments on the bag!
  4. I see a fashion photographer in the making! And we can all say we knew her when!

    I am loving that cornflower color! Much more versatile than I would have thought! My ink City just arrived...first b-bag, so quite a shock at the difference (from Chloe bags). We are bonding now. :smile:

    By the way, are you a model?
  5. 13 years ago I was :shame:
  6. CONGRATS Winona! it's awesome!
  7. Cornflower Blue rules!!!!!
  8. Nice! I'm really wanting a b-bag in blue now thanks to you purse forum girls.

    Your 4 year old takes better pics than I do! :shame: Maybe she can give me some lessons.
  9. yeah! and sadly I'm already excited to wear it this fall with brown.
    :love: It looks AMAZING against creams and browns.

    I've held it against EVERYTHING in my closet! :lol:
  10. What a great idea to let your 4 year old choose outfits and photograph you! Not only are you spending valuable one on one time but she's learning about colors, fashion, photography, etc. How fun!

    I love your cornflower bag too. So pretty and versatile. I have not personalized my black city bag, but I was thinking of adding a charm on the zipper pull on the front or on the strap loop on the side. Something cool like a skull (they are so in right now), though I'm way too old to be taken seriously with a skull attached to my bag. I don't carry the mirror--I tried it a few ways but felt it got in the way.

    Enjoy your new bag and the time with your daughter--they grow up too fast!
  11. Great bag! I love the photographs, especially the first one with the large sunglasses! I have the b-bag in Ink. I found that the mirror just got in my way, especially when I had to close the bag because I couldn't zip it all the way closed - drove me nuts! Anyway, the mirrior is now inside of the dust bag.

    What do you mean by "personalize" the bag?
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  12. Love your bag! I am so in love with that color. I saw it yesterday at Barney's and the color just pops out! I may be getting it this weekend. They had a lot of colors but the cornflower took my breath away! Use it well!
  13. Thanks everyone!

    print*model, I meant to make it your own, distinguish it? I doubt a lot of people have, but I'm curious to know.
    Like how valerieb (thanks for the comment!) said, she was thinking of adding a charm?
    Scarves? Are ALL of your tassles tied onto you bag??
  14. COngrats, it's a beautiful color b bag and your dresses look great too. I hope my daughter can take that good of pics when she's 4
  15. I think you should definitely do the skull!