got my cornflower city!!!! but i'm not so crazy about the leather.

  1. Hi gals! So I finally got my cornflower city, love the color and style but the leather is not so amazing. :crybaby: It's really thin, crispy, and not smooshy at all! There is also something disturbing about the handles....the leather on them are scrunched together sorta so it's not smooth, rather there's lots of little lines/textures throughout like a scrunchy. Is this normal??? I tried lubing the bottom of the bag but it didn't seem to do much good. Especially when compared to my 05 leather, this leather is pretty bad. :shrugs: The leather is also worse than my ink shrug pre-lube.

    Oh, for people with cornflowers...are the side of your tassels sorta a different color, like more of a teal color???

    help, suggestions, comments please! :hysteric:
  2. gosh, didi-girl, i'm so sorry about your new b-bag :crybaby: cornflower work isn't anything like what you described (see photo below) :shrugs: ...she's veiny, but not thin or crispy & her tassles are the same color as the leather...can you tell us where you got it from (?)
    DSCF2228 REV.jpg
  3. I'm sorry to hear that Didi. :sad: That must be very disappointing for you. Can you send it back and find another one that you will like?
  4. Oh, didi, I'm so sorry to read this. The handles sound kinda weird to me. I'd love to see a pic when you can post one. I'm having a hard time imaging it since I've never seen a bbag like that before. The handles I've seen and felt have all been smooth. Maybe if you use it more, it will soften up? Ashleybaby had great results with her Rouille twiggy. She didn't lube it or add any products. She just used it a LOT and it softened right up. Maybe try massaging the leather? This is the bag from Elizabeth*thomas, right?
  5. wow, isn't she supposed to be a super-reliable seller :shrugs:...if you could send us pictures didi-girl, that would be great :yes: ...i don't think i've seen new handles that look like that...i'd discuss your concerns w/the seller & maybe she'll take it back...but, if you've already altered it by puttting AG on it, that could be a problem :sad:
  6. I'm not sure if she'll take it back, but she might exchange it for you. I just checked out her ebay store and she has another Cornflower Blue City up for auction. Good luck, didi!:flowers:
  7. Oh, didi I'm sorry the cornflower was not what you expected. I know exactly what you mean about the handles. Two of my bags are like that - it looks like someone pushed the leather towards the middle , so that it's bunched up...I try not to let it bother me and figure that's just how some handles will end up....
    Is this the bag you got from Elizabeth Thomas on ebay? Maybe you can ask her if she has another one you can exchange it for?
    Good luck!!

    Edit: just saw aaa's and pupster's confirmation about where you got the bag. Hopefully she can work something out with you...
  8. Yeah didi... can you post pics, so that we all understand what you mean? my cornflower tassel has greenish blue color on the site, but mine is not veiny/ thin/ crispy even though I didn't put any lube.
  9. oh didi, i'm so sorry. i know how excited you were about this bag! i hope you're able to exchange it or maybe with time and use the leather and handles will soften and stretch a bit...?
  10. my sister borrowed my camera so can't post pictures! but i'm definitely not touching or using the bag until I contact elizabeththomas...perhaps I can exchange it for the other one.

    the handles are definitely bunched up, as if you have stockings and there's a "pull" on it. so all of the material is scrunched up. CATE22, your bags of the same handle problem? strange!!!!!!

    cutiekiara...yea, my tassels have the same greenish-teal color on the sides. they are not the same cornflower blue throughout. strange??!!!

    by no means am I saying elizabeththomas is not a good seller. I really think she's awesome! I just think some b-bags from this year aren't so good, you know. i'll email her right now, get my camera back and post pics when i can! THANKS everyone!!!!!!
  11. Didi, I think I know what you mean about the handles, my 05 rouge has it too and it sorta bugs me at first, since my 06 ink's handle is smooth. I have a feeling it has to do with the thinner leather (my 05 is actually thinner than the 06). But don't worry, it softens up after a while, and now it's almost just as smooth as the leather on the handles of the ink city (even the leather on the rouge is now smooshier & much much much softer!)
  12. awww... didi, that is strange about the handles and the tassels. i hope you can exchange it. good luck to you!
  13. Hi Didi, I wanted to confirm that some of the new 06 tassels are similiar to what you're describing. For example, I have two Grenat Bags right now - one in the Work and one in the Day. The sides of the tassles seem white like Balenciaga didn't completely dye them. I'm really not pleased with the quality on the 06 bags at all. I'm going to edit my descriptions now to make buyers aware. At first, I just thought it must be normal, especially since the extra tassles are the same but now I'm realizing it may be a slight defect. Good luck with a return or an exchange:yes:
  14. hey didi78 ekekekek!! i'm really sorry to hear what has happened!!! ***hugs*** and you've been wanting this bag for SO long!!! i hope you can get some straight up answers soon - esp. about the handles and tassels! good luck!!! ***hugs***
  15. Oh I'm sooo sorry to hear that:crybaby: !
    Mine was like this but after conditioning and spraying her a couple of times with Apple garde and spray she looked much better! :yes: The difference is really obvious. You might try it if you can't exchange her.
    Good luck!!
    cornflower 003.JPG cornialt3.JPG