Got my COACH mug! Thanks to an amazing person!

  1. About two weeks ago I posted that I found a Coach mug on eBay. It was a limited edition mug given only to special customers in Japan. A wonderful member ( I won't mention her name without her permission) offered to get me a mug. I was a little shocked that a person that does not know me would be so generous. I offered her payment by paypal but she refused. She asked for a small keyfob. I am planning on getting her one and a little something extra. Words can not explain how I feel. I never thought anyone could be so thoughtful. If she reads this, she knows who she is. So thank you so much.
    I :heart: my mug. It's my favorite color.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Aww...that was really sweet! Cute mug! :yes:
  4. What an adorable mug!!!1
  5. It is. I just love it.
  6. that mug really is adorable! :love:
  7. That is so cute. Now you can enjoy your coffee in style.
  8. it's so cute!!!!

  9. I LOVE it!!
  10. That is too cute! :heart: it!!
  11. Adorable!!!!!!!
  12. How sweet of her!
  13. I know. Bless her heart.
  14. I affraid to break it.
  15. aww that is soo cute and what sweet thing.. what charm are you going to give her??