Got my Christmas pressies early...come see!

  1. Yesterday, DBF took me to Rummele's Jewelers to pick out my Christmas pressies. I got three David Yurman pieces. These are my first David Yurman. They are so gorgeous! I love them, and I cannot wait to wear them. I got the Color Classics Cookie Necklace in Amethyst, the Color Classics Cookie Earrings in Amethyst, and the Color Classics 5MM Cable Bangle in Amethyst. YAY! :yahoo:

    If you are ever in or around Green Bay or Appleton, Wisconsin, stop into one of the Rummele's locations and check out the selection. The have great stuff, and the SAs are awesome! It was a top-notch shopping experience! :tup:

  2. wow congrats! i love the bangle especially. any modeling pics? ;):drool:
  3. That's terrific! Congrats, and early Merry Christmas, lol! :drinkup:

    Looks like a great beginning to a fabulous David Yurman collection. :graucho: (I'm a big DY fan too.)
  4. ^^ I was planning on wearing these pieces out on Thursday (it's my birthday), but I don't want to make you guys wait that long for modelling pics! I'll take some tommorrow when I can use the camera feature on DBF's MacBook. Just be patient with me, ladies!
  5. Ooooooooooh pretty!!!!! Congrats on the gorgeous jewels and the fantastic bf! :tup:
  6. Congrats! You will love that bangle, I have the 5mm in blue topaz and it is almost a daily staple.
  7. Oh, those pieces would match my DY ring! I should go look ... congrats, they're beautiful!
  8. Gorgeous!!! LOVE David Yurman!
  9. I love your presents! Can't wait to see modling pictures. Congratulations and you have a very sweet boyfriend! Also, happy early birthday!!!
  10. Congratulations!!! Love your Christmas presents, and you have an awesome boyfriend! Enjoy them! I love my DY jewelry, and wear my 2 cable bracelets, necklace, and ring every day. You won't want to take them off!
  11. Well, here's the pic I took of myself with DBF's MacBook camera. I look a bit sloppy, but you get get the idea.


    These three pieces are only my second foray into the realm of designer jewelry. My first designer piece was a Tiffany necklace. I must admit, I am extremely impressed with these pieces. You can really feel the weight and substance of them when you hold them in the palm of your hand. The quality and attention to detail is outstanding. I think David Yurman (and Rummele's Jewelers where I got these pieces) have me as a customer for life.

    I forgot to mention what DBF got for himself on our trip. He got a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Automatic. It's an awesome watch. I wouldn't mind having one with a pink mother-of-pearl dial. :love:
  12. Congratulations! Gorgeous gifts.
  13. gorgeous! use them well!
  14. beautiful pieces - congrats!
  15. Nice!