Got my chanel lambskin bag repainted by lovinmybags!

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  1. About 2 months ago I mentioned that I was going to either clean or dye my Chanel bag as the beige parts were getting a bit discoloured. (See my old thread here:

    After great hesitation I sent my bag to and the results were fantastic. :nuts: I'm really quite happy and can't be more pleased with my new bag. Barbara only repainted just the straps as I requested. I must say there is ONLY A VERY SLIGHT perceptible difference in the texture/feel/look of the straps compared to the body of the bag - and I am a very, very finnicky person (my mom and sis both say it's unnoticeable) . The straps are still soft and lovely. Overall the bag looks and feels both new and nicer. I was afraid I would end up regretting this, but I don't. I love the bag more now! Anyway, just thought I'd post some pictures.

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  2. wow, great job, looks great.
  3. I also bought a really old and mistreated Chanel cambon wallet on ebay for a bargain and had it refurbished by lovinmybags at the same time as my Chanel bag. (Two before and two after pics below)

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  4. OMG~ I can't even tell the difference!!! If you don't tell, I won't know that the straps was been repainted. It looks nice, I'm glad that you didn't regret it!!! Enjoy!!!
  5. Thanks allbrandspls! I'm in love with my new bag. :love:
  6. Wow! didn't know there is a service like that. It looks like new !!! wonderful job! :yes:
  7. WOW!! lovinmybags did a GREAT job!!! your bag and wallet look good as new!!

    ohh but i have a question, how come you didnt have chanel redye it?
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! :heart:

    mello_yello_jen: Because I'd heard horror stories and personally know people who'd sent their bags to Chanel and were disappointed with the results... Apparently the leather felt very different/worse? Every one of them regretted dyeing it in the first place... I initially just wanted to clean up the straps, but I was pretty impressed by the photos on lovinmybags site so thought I'd give repainting a try. :smile:
  9. wowow!!!
  10. Wow, amazing results!
  11. I am impressed!!!!
  12. Looks great.
  13. wow! really impressive work!
  14. Both pieces look great! I'm glad it turned out well for you.
  15. Looks great. They did a great job.:yes: