Got my Cerises Speedy but...

  1.'s so dirty! :sad: The handles are really dirty, it has a black spot, it also has a worn spot on the handle, and the hardware is tarnished as well! I paid $1015 for it and on the sale it states,

    "Exterior leather is in MINT condition where Shoulder straps, handles, bottom leather have no surface dirt & scratches and watermarks. Main lining is in good and clean condition. Hardware is not tarnish. Zipper works well. Overall, it's nice and good bag. Please see pictures for detail"

    I guess I'm a lil disappointed, but overall I wanted the bag so badly I'm happy to finally have one. Also when I look at the pictures more carefully, I can see the black mark on the handle. ALl sales are final so I'm gonna try to clean it after I go to LV tomorrow at South Coast to authenticate. How can I clean the tarnish from the hardware without messing up the leather and dirty handles? Also does it come with a red linen LV bag? Thanks everyone in advance for input and sorry for such blurry pics! :shame:
    124_2428 (2).JPG 124_2429 (2).JPG 124_2431 (2).JPG
  2. With dirty handles, I used Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Remember to condition the handles after using M.E. to avoid dryness on the leather. As far as tarnish on the hardware, I used Sunshine polishing cloth. It worked wonders on my older bags.
  3. Thanks so much for the advice winterpearls3! I will do that tomorrow!
  4. Check the eyes of the cherries. Are they blue? THe stems are also suppose to rotate from two different colors. I also hear that magic eraser is REALLY GOOD. there is a whole thread on it here some where...
  5. Yes, my cerises speedy came with a red dust bag - I think all cerises products come with the "cherry" red dust bag.
    Sorry to hear you are disappointed, I hope it cleans up nice for you.
  6. Sorry about the condition issues- it's gorgeous though!
  7. Really?!? I bought the long zip around cerises wallet from the LV store and it came with a beautiful box, but no dust bag. Thanks for letting me know that it suppose to come with one!
  8. When you use the Magic Eraser are you supposed to wet it?
    Won't that cause water stains?
  9. if you are that bothered, just get everything replaced at vuitton. i think it's only a couple hundred bucks. worth it for such a cute bag.
  10. That's a great idea Killer, I'll ask when I'm there. Does anyone know how much it would cost?

  11. I think I know who you purchased the bag from... I bought something once from that seller and it was definately in worse shape than described. Also had a horribly strong mothball smell.

    Good luck with cleaning her up - she's a beauty even as it!
  12. you bought from lvauthentic lady?
  13. i'm really happy that you finally got your LV Cerises... i hope it cleans up well! **hugs**
  14. Aww thanks guys!!! I went to dinner with DH and as we were leaving he said looking confused and said, "you're not taking out the cherry speedy?" It was so cute that I had to rush back up and switch out purses! I got a lot of looks and one waiter asked me how much and where. Then he said it's a gorgeous bag girl! So overall I'm very happy, and I'm glad to have you all to share with and who understands! :flowers:

    Oh and yes it did have a VERY strong mothball smell! :shocked: