Got my catalogue!

  1. Smooches print*model! it came today! I can't believe you put it in such a big envelope just so the LV shopping bag wouldn't have to be folded-that was so sweet!

    Thank you again so very much-off to drool over things I can't have..............

  2. congrats !!!
  3. Congratulations, you deserve it!
  4. You're more than welcome! I am glad it arrived safely and that you like it so much! When you get your LV (and I KNOW you will - everything in the catalogue is sooooo drool-worthy!), don't forget to post a picture!

    Congratulations again and do enjoy the catalogue!!!
  5. Enjoy!
  6. print*model you are so generous! may good karma come your way!

    nishi- enjoy your catalog! the 2006 catalog is my bed time story =)
  7. Thanks Everlong:flowers: I NEED IT!!!:lol: