Got my canard city today but SO DISAPPOINTED!!

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  1. Following my last thread asking for opinion on colour choice between Canard and Gris Tarmac, I decided to go with Canard and bought a GSH city in this colour from eBay. Here is the listing description on the condition of the bag:

    Condition: Preowned but LIKE NEW. Has only been worn twice and stored in the dust bag. It is in PRISTINE CONDITION. There are hardly any signs of wear.

    When I received the bag this morning, I was really upset!! There is white thread on different parts of the handles, discolouration on the leather, and visible signs of wear on top and bottom corners of the bag (pics attached).

    The leather also appeared quite broken in. Worn only twice? I really don't think so!

    I paid $1500 for the bag. This is really unfair!

    I've emailed the seller with my concerns and still waiting for her reply. Should I consider keeping the bag with partial refund? Or should I just return and ask for a full refund? But that would probably mean losing money on return shipping, which is high as this is an international transaction.

    image-2194228937.jpg image-4173159153.jpg image-331553221.jpg image-383023302.jpg image-1535289945.jpg
  2. Oh no, sorry about this. To me, this is not pristine at all, doesn't look like it has only been used twice.
    If you are looking for a mint condition bag, then my suggestion would be returning this one even loosing some money on shipping. If you are not getting responses from thr seller, i would open a case with ebay.
    But if you are willing to settle, then discuss with your seller on partial refund.

    Were these the pictures that were used on the posting? Or these pics were taken by you? How were the pictures like on the listing?
  3. I'm sorry, that bag is very well used and definitely it hasn't been worn just twice!! How upsetting!!!
    Return it, don't keep that bag not even for a partial refund. I can tell you don't love it. Send it back.
    If the seller doesn't answer, open a case with ebay. I'm sorry, you must be very upset.
    I hope you recover your money.... Good luck.
  4. Here is the original listing:

    The flaws were not obvious from the listing pictures at all. And I did not ask for more pics since seller has clearly stated "pristine" and "hardly any signs of wear" :sad: I just took another look at the bag and overall, it has a very used feeling.
  5. Pristine? Dont think so. Return it for a full refund, you clearly are not happy with this bag and rightfully so. This bag looks like it has been carried more than twice to me. Id rather lose money on shipping also then carrying an expensive bag half heartedly. You paid good money for something that was listed incorrectly and certainly does not look pristine. Get your refund and goodluck!
  6. if i were in your shoes, i'd return the bag as this is not what you have paid for and stating how mint or pristine the condition of the bag is.. its clearly false advertising.. i understand how you must feel with the shipping and hassle. but if you dont love the bag, tendency is you might not use it as much as you should be. or worse it might bring back bad memories... :sad:

    but that's just me.. goodluck... decide whatever makes you comfortable
  7. Ugh I detest a dishonest seller.
    To me in this condition not a 1500 bag.
    I'm sorry for your disappointment and the situation
    A full refund is definitely in order should you wish.
  8. Oh dear, Yikkie, this must be awful. The anticipation followed by utter disappointment. I agree with weekender2. This is not worth its 1500 tag as it definitely looked worn with obvious fading at the edges. You can get better at this price.
  9. eBay pics not apparent of the obviously used condition :sad:
    I would not accept partial refund, you didn't get what you paid for.
  10. IMO - just the stain alone is reason enough to open a SNAD case. Did this seller think you would not notice the wear or the stain on a "Pristine" bag?
  11. Definitely SNAD - not in pristine shape at all. Send it back pronto!
  12. I agree with the other posters this bag is not only very used it has a big stain on it. If the seller don't respond with in 24 hours of your message open a snad case. I wouldn't accept a partial refund because you are clearly not happy with it.
  13. That bag looks like it has been worn constantly - pristine? I dont think so.
    You should get your money back.
    This is why I am afraid to buy a bag from Ebay.
  14. So very sorry Yikkie, what a huge letdown! Agree with above, this is clearly SNAD. Please keep us posted until this is resolved for you. Hang in there! :hugs:
  15. Thanks everyone for the advice! I've decided to return the bag for a full refund, but will wait and see what seller has to say. If I send it back (via EMS with tracking) without opening a SNAD case, what is the risk of seller denying me a refund after receiving the bag? Would it be too late to file a SNAD case then? Also, for SNAD, best to file with eBay not PayPal?

    Sorry if I'm asking the dumb questions...I've never had to go through this before and only have experience with filing a INR dispute (with PayPal).

    Lesson learnt. I'd definitely be a lot more cautious in the future!! :-s