Got my Cambon wallet! Pics!... and have a question!

  1. Hi

    I just got my Cambon Wallet to go along with my Cambon Reporter!:yahoo: I love it so much!:love: It's like having a Chanel book! LOL Even though it doesn't snap or zip closed it is great for me. Easy to get in and out of especially when you're in a rush. I love the hot pink color inside the wallet too~ it makes it more fun!

    My question is how do you treat or care for the wallet and bag? What do you do to prevent scratches or protect it from the rain?

    Here's some pictures! It is soooo soft! I adore it!
    DSC01938.JPG DSC01945.JPG DSC01943.JPG DSC01769.JPG
  2. Congrats!
  3. Very nice. I don't know how you would prevent scratches. I have a Cambon wallet and I haven't had any problems with scratching so far.
  4. CONGRATS... so pretty!!!
  5. I love this wallet. Congrats.
  6. Congrats!! your wallet is very pretty!!! If you don't mind, let me know how much it was??
  7. Thanks so much Tammy, Tura, Dolly, piper and wintotty!!!

    win~ Retail is $595. and I happened to find this on ebay and the seller is a PFer!!!!!!! I really lucked out to have a great seller!!!!

    Tura~ thanks for the info~ I just didn't know if it was prone to scratching!
  8. yayyy zac!!!! Its so pretty, congrats!!!!
  9. I have this exact same wallet. Have had it for over a year. Nothing much you can do to prevent scratches except not carry it.:P Mine is still in beautiful shape however and I carry it everyday.:yes:
  10. Very Pretty!!
  11. We'll there's NO WAY I'm not carrying it!!!!! LOL Don't you love how you can locate it so easily when it's in your bag? You can see the hot pink glowing! LOL
  12. Baglover, smooth & michele~ Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! I think I'm coming down with the Chanel bug and I can't afford to!!!!!!!!!
  13. Very nice. Congrats
  14. omg that is such a cute set!! congrats!!
  15. Love the wallet especially the hot pink inside like you said :smile: