Got my Bulga Crescent tote today!

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  1. It's sooo soft..I got it in banana, it's very very pale yellow...I love kinda sits funny on my shoulder...but it hangs nicely from the crock of my arm or as a tote..
    I also got my hayden harnett clutch wallet today in's sooo pretty :yahoo:
  2. I ordered one in Hazel. Can't wait! Is it very large? And are the handles too short to wear over your shoulder?
  3. Congrats! you think you could do a review or pics of the wallet? I'm thinking of one of those...and plum is such a pretty color! I can't decide between that or pewter.
  4. it's pretty big...the straps fit on my shoulders...but it kinda feels awkward..maybe because of the bag? but then again I'm only 5'2 so it could just be cuz I'm short.
    I can post pics later if u want

    mrqx2, I can post pics of the wallet in a little bit after should totally get one of these wallets...the leather on it is soooo soft...and the color is sooo's got 2 zipped up sections for inside the wallet..and one on the's awesome! i was actually thinking of getting one in pewter as well...i originally ordered the black and plum...but the black was out of get get one now while the 30% off and free shipping still apply!