Got my Bronze Baby Cabas, however...

  1. Hi ladies... I got my bronze baby cabas yesterday and it's a beautiful bag, however I feel it's too big for me!! My husband probably won't like it either since he prefers to see me with more petite bags. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oh well, this is why I should never buy a bag without first trying it on. I thought it would be smaller but even this Baby size is fairly large. I am used to my small Louis Vuitton pouchette, so this Chanel bag actually seems HUGE to me.
  2. ^^There's no buying or selling on the PF but I bet that someone here would appreciate it if you returned it and had the SA hold it in their name so that they could buy it.
  3. oh sorry, i didn't realize that. i will call Saks and ask how to go about returning the bag; i purchased it from out of state so i'm not sure how it works if i send it back to them. if anyone is interested just PM me and i will keep you informed.
  4. As long as you have the receipt you can return it to ANY Saks.:yes:
  5. Just fyi, I was sort of in limbo on my baby cabas when I first got it. It seemed very large, too. But now, I love it. You were so excited about it at first, maybe give it a couple of days of wearing around your house?
  6. thanks leem. i am going to keep the tags on and walk around with it alittle for the next few days just in the house. it's just sooooo much larger than i am used to. i think i would do better with one of the smaller chanel bags. my other bags are marc jacobs and louis vuitton-- and they are so much smaller. the baby cabas is beautiful but probably not very practical for me. still, i will have it around the house for at least a few days. i'm not going to rush around to return it or sell it unless i find someone who really wants it. thanks again!
  7. ^ you know, I am only 5'1" and I am used to the regular chanel medium flap bags and the east-west bag (I am not a big purse person either), BUT I think the baby cabas looks good on me and it doesn't overwhelm my petite frame at all!! Did you take all those tissue paper out and try to put your stuff in instead? The tissue paper made this bag look HUGE when you open the box, BUT once you put stuff in and carry it on your shoulder you will see how it is actually not that overwhelming at all!!
  8. I thought it was the tissue paper making it look big on me too.. but I took all of it out and still it felt big. Again, it's probably because I was carrying pouchettes and smaller hobos for so long.
  9. I am pretty tiny but I love big bags. Actually the baby cabas seems average to me. When I carry my large reissues, they even feel small to me:p !
    C'mon gals, bigger IS better!:graucho:
  10. ^Totally agree rockerchic! I love my cabas. Hope you keep it, but if not, hope someone on this forum gets it!
  11. i cannot stop drooling whenever i see u post if your cabas on your blog :drool:
  12. congrats and please post pics of you wearing it!! I just discovered baby cabas (sorry, girls, been loyal to Bal and Chloe for a long time) and love them!!!
  13. I have seen the Cabas and do not think its big at all. Perfect size. Can you post a picture modeling it so we can see? But if your heart is not in it, you shoud return it and get something you will really love and enjoy. No sense in keeping a bag you are not going to use and have it sit in a dark corner of your
  14. Dana, I thought the same thing when I first got mine; however, the shape really changes when you put things in it. My first impression walking around with the stuffing inside was the bag was too wide and awkward. But unstuffed and filled with items it is really a great bag!
  15. Why don't you post a photo so we can see?