Got my Braedon today!

  1. Oh this is soo soo bad. I got my Tano this morning and was opening it when Fed Ex came with a Box. I'm like "Really?" "I'm not expecting anything"....the suddenly it dons on me I FORGOT I bought a Braedon!!!! This is a real shame. LOLOL When you can't remember what you ordered from day to day!

    Anyway, Thanks to Lindy who tracked me one down in her Off 5th, I got a gorgeous bag that I really am surprised I passed by. Pretty soon they will be hard to get. Lindy is right, it is loads lighter than the Ada. Still substantial but anymore I assume Koobas are on the heavy side. It is so comfortable on your shoulder and just a great looking bag. Deep but not too deep. And the leather is wonderful. And at 239 it was a steal! I will post pics on Monday. I'm working Nights this weekend so I don't do much except sleep and work.
  2. I look forward to seeing your photos, you do such a good job with them.

    It is hard to describe the leather on a Braedon to someone as it is abit different than other Koobas. What would you compare it to?

    And how should we spell it...Braeden or Braedon? Tell us what your tag says.
  3. The Tag says BRAEDON. So I guess that clears it up on Koobas side anyway. Yes, the leather is a bit different. It's thick, similar to the Ada, and it has a rippled kind of look. Am I wrong if I compare it to a mild case of Cellulite??? My pics aren't great today. I'm tired and I didn't bother stuffing the bag. But here they are and a closeup of the leather.

    And you know what? I have round shoulders and bags slide off real easy. This bag stays put for some reason. I'm looking forward to using it.




    I really should watermark. My pics are going to end up on eBay...and not for the first time.
  4. Cellulite...geesh...laughing here. Unfortunately my thighs look just like that.

    It kind of looks like elephant skin, abit wrinkly and saggy, all in a good way though. I do enjoy the feel of the Braedon and am so glad you got one to experience it. Now let's see how long it lasts in your possession. *grins*

    Off to the elliptical machine...
  5. Love it! Just enough studs but not too many. I love that saggy leather..reminds me of my bod. :p
  6. Very pretty! I agree with Grace about the studs ;)
  7. sexy!
  8. ohh lexie it looks amazing you crazy lady tanos one day, kooba ada another, kooba sienna on its way hehe :smile: you rock!! totally my soul sista buying a new bag constantly! never enough!!!
  9. Oh Bessie...I am whacked! LOL I am dealing a little loose and easy right now because we got a dividend check from some stocks. But I really should stop. Hubby isn't caring but enough is enough. I have so many bags I have never used yet...and I really want to. After my 2 tanos come and my Sienna I am going to try a ban until Fall. I want to move into the bags I have so far and enjoy them. I think part of it with me is the "possession" part of it. I just want it!
  10. LOLOL
    Saggy Elephant Skin and Cellulite. This bag was probably meant to be mine...LOL

    I don't feel bad. I could bet Balencaiga owners have lots of Spider veins...LOL
  11. ^...and the Gustto owners have jaundice. LOL

    Great bag, BTW...
  12. hahaa jaundice!!!

    and lexie im with you i feel like i should ban till fall starting like when i go on vacation but i dunno if that will work :smile:
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Well, you keep us all going at the moment, Lex, I'm enjoying it almost as much as you are (I'm such a saint:angel:, not in the least bit jealous (Pinoccio, eat your heart out, that nose is nothing, LOL)
  14. So tell me, Lexie, have you carried your black Braedon since the weather turned warm?

    I find it hard to want to break out the black bags, my more colorful or lighter bags seem more appropriate.
  15. Just a couple days and then it went bag into the closet. I love it but I had so many more summery bags I wanted to use. I have always tried to have all "all season" bags but I broke out of that this year. I have the Alex in Fuschia and The Jillian in Sand. I'll probably end up selling this at Summers end. I gravitate towards my black one constantly. And also I have the Gustto Torlia in that Slate blue that I think looks good in the summer.
    But my Braedon will not be forgotten. I knew the minute I got it, it was one of the lost Koobas I was destined to get.