Got my blush gauffre!!!

  1. :love: :love: :love:
    I fell in love with Jill's blush I called her SA and it came today! I can't wait to use it - in 2 weeks I have 2 casual weddings and my nephew's Bar Mitzvah - bought an outfit yesterday (with the bag in mind) and I'm going for shoes this weekend!

    My only question is...what do I do with the strap? It's SO long...I know it's supposed to be worn cross-body...but I think I'll probably remove it for now. I have a Balenciaga City that has the shoulder strap - but it's short, and I leave it on the bag, even though I rarely use it.

    gauffre1.jpg gauffre2.jpg
  2. Wow, gorgeous!!!
  3. Gorgeous bisbee!

    Can you please post one of you modeling the bag?! ;)
  4. Well...I'm in pjs now...and I'm not a model (not like Jill!) - maybe tomorrow...or maybe I'll have my granddaughter model it for me!

    Of course...she's only 21 months...if I can get her to stand still for the camera... ;)
  5. Gorge!!
  6. OOH!! It's lovely!! YES! We need modeling pics!!! I couldn't help myself either..I ordered the same bag and it will be on it's way tomorrow!!! Woo-hoo! We'll be bag triplets! Are you reading this JILL!?? You enabler you!!! You must be soooo excited! Congrats!!
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Thanks ladies!

    Emmy - my stepdaughter is a sophomore at Syracuse!
  9. I love that color! I have the east/west already in black. I was wondering if the messenger came in blush?
  10. LOL..This bag rocks!!!!!!
  11. OMG does she like it? She MUST hate the weather (and the shopping)! that's fantastic!--Great school..Do you ever come and visit her? OMG we should meet! We can both wear our bags and drive down to see Jill!! Of course by then she'll have ten more and we'll have to shop all weekend...What a blast!!!
  12. Jill is totally an enabler - I'm getting this bag in the larger size (the size of the red patent) tomorrow! :roflmfao: The color looks so much better IRL!
  13. Wow!! What a beauty!! Love the shape and color!!!!
  14. WOW !!!!! :nuts: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bag ! GORGEOUS !!!! Congrats !
  15. That's a beauty! Congrats!