Got my blue Paddy...weird question...

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  1. I am in love with that blue shade. Beautiful and congratulations!!

    can I ask what the bag in your profile is? What a pretty color that is and the style is heavenly!
  2. What a lurvely bag....!! :love:
    What other lush colours did the paddy come in last year, anyone know? x
  3. Very pretty color
  4. Lovely! I was torn between the blue and choc when I ordered mine from Styledrops. I decided on the choc as it was a 'safe' colour. Now having second thoughts.....
  5. I have taken more pics as promised, this time of the bag outside. The first is in the shade, the second are in sunlight...these are more true to color.

    Twinklette, the bag in the photo is the lemon yellow Scout by Hogan. It is fabulous! I love the fun, and roomy! :biggrin:

    I have to decide by Monday whether I love the blue Paddy enough to keep it. I am on the fence. What do you guys think?

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  6. I think the color is great for Spring and will go well with jeans. I would keep it :biggrin:
  7. Is it called 'blue jeans'..?
    I've seen it described on Ebay (by an authorised seller) as that, i'm sure x
  8. Keep it, It really is an eye catcher!
  9. keep it! She's so beautiful. IF you were going to return, would you get a different color or a totally different style bag?

    I am going to have to check into Hogan Scout. I am afraid to even ask what those run? It's perfect both in style and color. Yummy!:weird:

  10. The Scout was modified this year and is not nearly as cute. I have three Scouts, though, and am wanting to sell my luggage gold one since I just (well, in January) got one in a medium distressed brown color. If you are interested let me know. It was on eBay, but did not sell. I will attach a pic for you. The Scout with the straps was originally $730-780, and this is a limited edition color (as was the yellow), and very hard to come by.

    Also, the blue color is called (depending on where you look) either "light blue" or "jeans moyen." I ordered mine from a CA boutique and they removed the tags before they sent it to me. :sad2:

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  11. I think this color is stunning! I've really been into blue so far for spring. I would keep it!
  12. The color is amazing. But now my husband says the shape of the bag doesn't look good on me. Once he explained why I could see that he was now I can either exchange it (for what??? another Edith? The Mulberry Bayswater?) or keep it and think "my husband hates this and it looks bad" every time I carry it.
  13. You have to love the bag and carry it. Do you think it looks OK on you? I have the same bag and I was having doubts about the color but I decided to keep mine. I think you should keeps yours too as long as YOU really like it! :amuse:
  14. I sent it back. :sad2: I just wasn't "feeling" it. I am thinking about this one instead...

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