Got my blue Paddy...weird question...

  1. My light blue Paddington has at last arrived! My question is about the there a trick to locking the bag? I unlocked it without any problem, but I can't seem to lock it back. And the lock is MUCH bigger than I expected, although the bag size is perfect and the color is divine! Can someone give me the secret to closing the lock again? Please? :blink:
  2. Okay, I figured it out. Here are a couple of photos. The blue photographed a little lighter than it actually is (sorry -- flash), but the color really is quite lovely. :biggrin:
    Chloe Paddington Blue front.jpg Chloe Paddington Blue side.jpg
  3. I love that color- gorgeous!!! Enjoy it!
  4. I want it.
  5. i love this color! great choice!
  6. Very nice!!! Welcome to the Paddy Club! :smile:
  7. What a beauty!
  8. So pretty; I too love that color.

    Greenie - love your new avatar. :P

  9. i love the color. congrats. re: lock.. i do not lock mine. i want to be able to get in and out of it quickly. hope this helps.
  10. I love the color.:nuts:
  11. wow! i totally love the colour! *writes it down on my want list*
  12. Beautiful! :love:
  13. Thanks! Do you keep the lock on the bag? I just don't want to lose it.
  14. I have a paddie in blanc and I don't zip up my bag and lock the straps in. I keep the padlock locked on its hook and just use that section as a flap to cover the opening (same idea as the Fendi spy). That way you're able to get in and out quickly. Besides I don't think it's good for the padlock to be opened and closed all the time. I saw one TFSer hang the padlock around the handle on one of her pictures, that's one idea if you find too bothersome with the lock on top.

    That is a beautiful color, that blue will look great with jeans!
  15. yes i keep thr lock on the bag but locked. when i nedd to get into the bag i flip it over and unzip.