Got my Blue Fonce Jumbo !!!

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  1. After :drool: over everyone else's jumbos I finally found my HG....thanks to a wonderful lady :tup:....this color is perfect for me as I pretty much live in jeans...I'm so happy I've found this wonderful blue flap :yahoo:

  2. It's gorgeous!
  3. It is very ,very pretty. I bet you do reach for that bag all the time. No wasting away in the closet for that one. Congrats!!
  4. Lovely bag!
  5. Aww.....this is my HG too....she's drop dead gorgeous!

    U are really lucky to have her~Congrats, enjoy her with gd health!!
  6. :love::love::love:!!! GORGEOUS!!!

    I love that color! Enjoy!
  7. I LOVE this color!
    congrats and enjoy!
  8. I love that color too!
    Congrats and Enjoy!:heart:
  9. Lovely colour :love::love::love:

  10. OOH It's lovely!!!
  11. I am so jealous :drool:! I love that bag, I wanted one too but couldn't find it. It looks so pretty, I know you'll get tons of use out of it. And I think it's a color that goes year round too, I JUST LOVE IT!:tup::yahoo::nuts::love:
  12. WOW! It is beautiful!!! :love:
  13. oh wow..where did you find it? It's so pretty!!!!!
  14. You lucky girl......I'm so happy for you!!!:woohoo:
  15. Ohhhh, it's sooo gorgeous!!!! :drool: :love: :nuts: Did you get yours at NM? I was lucky enough to snag one a while back, and I LOVE this bag :love:... I wear jeans a lot too, and love jumbo's, so it's a perfect match haha. :p Congrats and enjoy your new baby, and post some modeling pics if you can so we can all drool!!! :yahoo: