Got my Black Quilted Bay - will post pics tomorrow

  1. It is a heavenly bag. great, soft leather. beautiful to look at. I will post pictures tomorrow. If you are thinking about this bag, you should just buy it, now!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Can't wait to see pics!! It looks so styish and practical. Congrats on having the hippest Chloe around.
  3. Kathleen - did you get it from Neiman Marcus at Plaza Frontenac? Susie and I were just looking at them this past Sunday!
  4. oh....please do post pictures. i can't wait to see it.
  5. congrats! pics pls!!
  6. Pictures Everyone. These are shot outside in the sunlight.

    Div - I didn't get it at Plaza Frontenac 'cause I returned a bbag to the NM in San Diego and did an exchange. You should use Hannah if you end up getting one.

    This bag is black but the purplish-grey stiching and the grey blue piping gives it a great "I am not your ordinary Black" effect, thank G**. I really didn't want a straight black bag. My two complaints. The front and back pockets are kinda a bear to get into because of the "dog ears" and the top opening should have two zips so you don't have to go to the bottom side of the bag when you want to get into it. These are MINOR complaints. It fits great on the shoulder. I am 5"6', 140, size M in t-shirts.

    Thanks for letting me share my pride and joy (other than my kids :winkiss: :winkiss: :winkiss: ),
    front.JPG back 2.JPG back.JPG close up.JPG on.JPG
  7. Wow Kathleen, your bag looks amazing! I love it! :drool: :nuts:

    Welcome to the Quilted Bay Club!! :yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
  9. Wow - gorgeous. I can't wait until these go down in price (if ever)....:whistle:
  10. Congrats! The bag is gourgeous! I love your Bay!
  11. Thank you everyone for your sweet compliments. I am super happy and super satisfied with this bag - atleast for awhile *wink wink*.
  12. Oh my goodness - what a beauty! And here you are in Columbia with the very latest and greatest. How cool is that?!
  13. Div - there doesn't see to be a big purse-loving community here in Columbia. I don't even get a second look. More dooneys and lvs and chanels and some coachs. I saw one black weekender awhile back and what might have been a pewter city, but it could have been a fake. The local high-end boutique sells Tano and bbag knockoffs (in a horrible blush vinyl) and is quite proud of their offerings. Sorry to ramble on but Columbia's lack of Baggitude is starting to bum me out...wish I were back in the 'Lou.
  14. :yahoo: CONGRATS
  15. Congrats~ So pretty! I want one now... :drool:

    I WANT ONE IN MOKA~~:hysteric: