got my black patent simple pumps today!!!

  1. just got the simple pumps in patent from eBay but i have a concern. how many inches in the heel is the 85 suppose to? what about the 70? my are suppose to be the 85 but they are only 3 inches in the heel. im confused. please shed some light on this thanks.:heart:
  2. 85 mm = 3.34 inches
    70 mm = 2.76 inches
  3. Other CL options:

    100 mm = 3.94 inches
    110 mm = 4.33 inches
    120 mm = 4.72 inches

    The Simples also come in 100. :smile:
  4. thanks so much, i think mines maybe the 70mm so i guess the seller misrepresented by saying they were 85. im upset but i still like them, if only they were a bit higher
  5. here are pics, they look black but in the light they are black cherry. she also said they are 85mm but they look like 70 to me what do you all think?:smile:
    DSC01907.JPG DSC01909.JPG
  6. Those are sooooo pretty! I think I can see a hint of cherry in them :yes:
  7. I can see the cherry too. Don't you just love them?? Simples are so comfortable. I think black patent is the best color for simples..then nude. :smile:
  8. They are gorgeous. (And yes, they look like 70s to me too.)
  9. They look like 70's, but that's a minor issue because they are indeed gorgeous!!
  10. They are 70 and the color is YUMMY!!!!!!
  11. Pretty...they look like 70mm.
  12. 70s, and I'm so jealous. I'm dying for a pair of 70mm.
  13. cuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  14. I love the color of these!
    Beautiful shoes