Got my Black Legacy Hippie!

  1. Had it ordered through a Coach store - supposedly the last one.
    I paid full price but the Hippie is my dream purse.
    She joins her two friends....
    August 2007 007.JPG
  2. Oh, pretty! And your wallet is tdf. Are we going to see some modeling pics? I've always wondered how the hippie hangs. But good job on snagging the last one. :tup:
  3. LOOOOVVVEE the hippie! Your wallet is a beaut. too!

  4. Well I didnt get my white hippie in the picture - the white is for summer and the black is for winter - I will never need to purchase another bag again ---- yeah right! I wish!

    At least I got the white hippie and the wallet at the outlet. It kills me that I paid $398 for the black one - the most I have EVER spent on a purse.

    I cant figure out why I love the Legacy so much. I even enjoy just Looking at my purse! Isnt that weird?
  5. VERY cute!!! :tup: and No, you are not weird to just look at them!! They are beautiful!!! I love the legacy sooo much too!!!
  6. congrats! i love that wallet too! i saw them at the gilroy outlet two weekends ago.
  7. I really want a hippie. I'm just not a swingpack girl and think the hippie would be a great alternative. PLEASE post modeling pics when you get a chance. Would love to see how it looks on someone. Congrats! Great purchases! The wallet is very cute!
  8. I am too fat right now to model my hippie - maybe in the spring!

    I love being hands free (especially with dogs and kids) and have a swingpack for little outings but it is not big enough for everyday use.

    I also love the new Legacy swingpacks but really hate the white straps the leather ones have. Do you think they will ever come out with dark straps?
  9. WOW gorgeous pieces! Congrats!
  10. Congrats! I love my hippie too!!
  11. Can someone PLEASE post modelling pics of the hippie? I am dying to see this bag ON the shoulder and as the crossbody....thanks!!!!!
  12. Yes, modeling pics..PLEASE!!!! :supacool:
  13. I love your black hippie bag. I own a hippie in the whiskey and love, love, love her. I carry her almost every weekend. That is one great bag! Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous - I have a hippie and natural and love it. That black looks amazing.
  15. Do you have a picture of your hippie? I would love to see it. ;)